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  • Denise "Denise" - Sweat Block Worked for meI was very, very surprised that this product worked. I am female and I prespire alot at work, enviroment warm and I have to work very quickly and deal with alot of stress. Oh, if you are wondering what I do, I am a RN and working in an acute care hospital. Love the job,but I am constantly being pulled 4 ways at once, hence I sweat. I like to wear Tee shirts under by jacket, and many time I removed my jacket. But all my Tees become ruined with perspiration stains, weather jacket is on or off. UGH, this sounds awful doesn't it? So I purchased the sweat blocker, applied it at night, and the next day at work I visually noted NO underarm sweating, where did it go?????? So I thought. maybe I just did not have a stressful enough day..... yeah right!!!!!!! So I applied it a second nite and the next day after work, no under arm sweat stains, and it was a long and tough day. So, having the brillant mind that I have, I thought, hey, maybe the sweat blocker really works! But the sweat has to be released somewhere, the body HAS to sweat to stay cool, so where do I sweat, are you asking? Well, the back of my neck and back lower part of my head. But no worries there, my hair is short and I just make a trip to the restroom and swipe the sweatly area with cool damp towel, fluff up the hair on the back of my head, and off I go. No unpleasant scents, cute hairdo and no complaints from my lovely patients. Oh, it lasted for at least seven days before I had to reapply. And it did not sting upon application or durnation of wearing the product. Very pleased with the product, may not work for everyone. But for me, it is so cool to have a prodcut that actually works for such a long term, annoying and embrasing problem. DON'T SMOKE, STAY HEALTHLY!
  • David Pattullo "The healthy one" - Don't Wait Heal Your Psoriasis Now!!!!!!!!!!!I highly recommend this book if you are suffering from this debilitating disease. It is written in laymans terms with explicit step by step instructions. This is not an easy regimen to follow or a quick fix for psoriasis. You must stick with the program and be persistent. I have a very mild case on my fingers. It's not that bad except for that I'm a musician and the pain in my hands inhibited me from playing and practicing my guitar on a regular schedule. After starting this regimen my P almost completely cleared after about 3 weeks. Then I went on vacation and strayed from the diet eating prohibited foods in large quantities. Guess what? The P came back with a vengeance. You must be persistent to rid yourself of P!!!!!!!! I Can't stress this point enough. I'm back on track now and in control of my P. Thats what this book will give you that the dermatologists, so called doctors and specialists can't. CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't cure P but you can get control of your health back. God bless Dr. Pagano and good luck:)