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  • Carla - The NutriBullet is GreatI saw the infomercial and bought one that night. I never ever buy anything from watching an infomercial, because I like to shop in stores so I can easily return items if need be. The Nutribullet was in my local Target for $99. I was immediately sold on it. I needed something easy to work, easy to clean, easy to store and easy to create healthy 'portion controlled' 'drinkable' Smoothies. (That was the problem with my blender and juicer...I never could accurately and efficiently create a drink that was the correct portion to drink...too much of a hassle.) I love the "Portion Sized" containers that you use to blend and then drink out of...wonderful!!!! I love the lids that came with it, because if I can't drink all of it, I can store it in refrigerator for later. I love the nutritional informative and motivating and fun to read. I love the quality of the materials...very clean lines, smooth surfaces, no sharp edges, sturdy containers and the motor base itself is heavy enough to turn on the motor with one hand as you place the container on the base....very cool. I love the compact size. I have all of the items sitting on a tray on the counter right next to my refrigerator. The esthetics of the product are attractive enough to leave them out on the countertop. While I did have my ingredients already washed and stored in small containers in my refrigerator/freezer, it only took 3 minutes to make a drink. AND THIS DRINK WAS SMOOTH AND EASY TO PUT DOWN. I love the sipping rings that attach to the containers for drinking right out of the mixing container and I love the sipping ring with the handle as well. One of the small drinking containers already has a handle on it. I just bought it yesterday and I have used it four times already...because it is so fun to use and I can't wait until dinner! If I had a few recommendations for this so far, it would be for the manufacturer to sight their resources in the guide as to where they got their statistics and factual information from. The information seems true and reliable, but I like to do my research to make sure I am not being misled. Also, there is no calorie count in the recipes. Sure, I can figure it out on my own by reading the labels of the food I purchase, but it would be kind of nice to have it available in the guide...maybe as an Appendix. Otherwise, I am buying one for someone who will love it too.
  • Malkyore - A lot of people have been having problems, but mine works great!My roommate is on his second transformer prime and his still has some.... shall we say... quirks. Mine has worked great so far and i have had no major problems. This tablet is SO FAST. It blows everything else i have ever seen out of the water completely! Games look amazing apps are nice and responsive. This tablet is probably my favorite thing ever...

    Also asus support is really helpful and are actively working to make the software for the prime more stable and user friendly. I speak from the experience of watching my roommate deal with them.