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  • John Sewell - it really worksI have been using this product for alittle over 1 month now. I have been taking 1000mg 3 times day before meals and it really works as an appetite suppressant. I realized it even more having forgotten to take it and feeling really "hungry". The wt loss has been slow and steady and I have not gained any weight.
  • Cynthia H. - The Kindle FamiliesYes I love the kindle fire ( previous ) edition it's a damn great tablet for it to be 7" it can hold a lot. I just can't seem to put it down everytime I try I just pick it right back up again. It's when Amazon came out with these kindle tablets they came out a winner. The kindles keep growing and growing every year and every year they keep getting. better and better although the kindles are from generation to generation I still love my (Fire ) it always keeps me busy doing something i' m never bored. This beautiful tablet with its beautiful name kindle makes all the other tablets stand behind you I'm very proud. To stand behind your name. Amazon you've. done a terrific. job keep up the good work. Thumbs. Up To You I love it. Cynthia H.
  • TBL "Buyer 1" - Staying CurrentThe material came in the manner described providing the information it was meant to convey. Like anything else, facts change and history is re-written. Remember that this is only a guide, not something that is able to allow for and correct itself with the ever present daily changes in the markets especially when it comes down to what something is actually worth today. What is something worth has always been predicated on how much you are really willing to pay. So, if you want a guide, this book may afford you some assistance.
  • Zman "Zman" - Horrifying breakdown of our justice systemZeitoun is a book that will make readers angry. We think that incidents like this can't happen in America, but they did in New Orleans seven years ago. I found it disturbing that I knew so little of what really happened in the aftermath of Katrina and how so many innocent victims were caught up in a complete breakdown in our justice system. The book is well written and an absorbing read. You come to identify with the Zeitoun family and their quest of the American dream. At the same time you are confronted with the inherent racism in the United States not just toward people of color but of people of a faith different from Christians. Toward the end it is difficult to believe of the total breakdown of government at the local, state, and federal levels. The anger swells at the lack of accountiblility for what happened and the slowness of our government is owning up to what they did and there failure to compensate innocent families. If you think injustice can't happen in America, read this book.