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  • internetForAll - Thanks paid Telecom lobbyist, I discovered this book because of you!I know how poor we have it in the States when it comes to the Internet. I have been active in trying to get my city to attract Google Fiber to Akron. I will be buying not 1, but 10 copies of this book and giving them to my elected officials. Thanks Telecom lackeys, for creating fake profiles and trying to ruin the reputation of this book. Because of you, this hit the front page of Reddit!
  • Meredith L. - It works! It works!I am so grateful for this book and what I have learned from it. For the past two months I have followed the diet about 90 percent of the time, and my psoriasis is almost completely gone!! I'd had it for over five years on my scalp, and most recently it spread to cover my head, back, stomach, ears, underarms and more. My scalp was so bad I went for TWO YEARS without getting a haircut because I was too embarrassed to let my stylist see my scalp. As others have mentioned, it is not easy to stick to the diet, but IT IS SO WORTH IT IN THE END. I also drank the saffron tea and slippery elm bark tea, and took some supplements and probiotics. I did not give up coffee, though! It took about a month before I saw any improvement whatsoever, but once it began, my healing just seemed to snowball and my skin cleared very fast. I was expecting it to take longer. I am over the moon!!! I can't get over how smooth my skin is; it feels so different now! :)

    I am like the many others who had tried multiple dermatologists, scary steroid medications, every over-the-counter medication and medicated shampoo under the sun, spent endless hours on Google reading about and trying various home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, sulfate-free shampoos, all-natural body care products, and who knows what else. Nothing worked, and thanks to this book, I understand why. I truly believe that Dr. Pagano is correct about the root of the problem being internal and in the gut, as he describes.

    I have to say that not only did my psoriasis clear, but I felt great on the diet even though it was tough to stick to only the recommended foods. Now my challenge is to see which foods I can reintroduce back into my diet without breaking out again. Thank you so much, Dr. Pagano. I will tell anybody I meet who is suffering from psoriasis to get this book!
  • Stephlizfall - Great Book-Lots of infoThis book is a must for anyone planning a trip to Disney World. My family and I are going in April and this book was instrumental in helping us plan our trip. It has info on everything Disney World related, and it is extremely detailed. It was certainly worth the $10 I spent on it, and I'm sure it will be helpful on the trip as well.
  • KC "Bonnie Blue" - Pure blissIf you love England, traveling, whimsical pictures, history and Susan Branch, you are going to love this book. I read almost all of it in one sitting. I did not want to put it down. This book should be held, smelled, leafed through, read some more and cherished as the gem it is. Susan definitely has the "happy" gene and brings her happiness about a beautiful country to us in this book. It will make you want to pack your bags and take the Queen Mary 2 across the Atlantic to merry old England.
  • Michael - Playstation 4 Won Me Over.I bought this 45 mins after the launch. I'm really impressed with the console. Most know the Specs etc. Last gen consoles I've owned 2 ps3s and 3 xbox 360s. I only ever used the ps3 for Blu Rays since xbox had more games that I was interested in. With this generation I choose the PS4 due to it being $100 cheaper than the XOne. I'm an old school gamer and have no desire to use the Kinect or any other movement device so why pay for something I'm not going to use. PS4 was targeted at the gamer where as the XOne is trying to cover all entertainment aspects. Don't get me wrong I do have my system linked with my digital library and other apps, but I still use it mainly for gaming. Another thing that turned me off from XOne is the stunt they pulled over the summer saying about being on at least once every 24hrs or their used game policy, then doing an about face when the gaming community spoke up about it. I wasn't that swayed by the about face so I decided I'll go with the PS4 for this generation. I may end up getting the XOne eventually if they sell it without the kinect and it's the same price as the PS4. But it will probably be about 2-3 yrs before making the plunge for that system if I do it at all. As of now I love this system enough that I will be buying 3 more for my kids and living area.

    As far as the shipping of the item. As others stated the PS4 was put in the bottom of the box and the packing material was put on top of the console. Shame on Amazon's shipping department for not putting in packing material then the console. UPS is not gentle in their delivery methods as I've had occasionally had box come banged up or tore up on the side. I will give credit to Amazon that if there is ever a damaged, lost item they will quickly resolve the issue.