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  • D. Case "Truly Blessed!" - Amazing JourneyI read this book as a parent imagining what it would have been like for my child to endure and journey through the fear and uncertainty that Elizabeth faced from the moment of her kidnapping until she was reunited with her family. The maturity she displayed at her tender age was amazing! Her faith played a remarkable role in her survival. As I read her account of survival, it reminded me personally that faith in all circumstances can enable the human spirit to hope when logic defies hope. Elizabeth's journey is a remarkable one that is well worth the read.
  • ITrob523 - Simply Amazing!** typing this review from my Transformer Prime.**
    I work in IT and I have used just about every device on the market. I can easily say that this is the tablet to beat. Its fast! easy to use for those who aren't as tech savvy but also provides the most functionality for those of you who are. You may surprise yourself with how easy it is to learn and adapt. All of the reviews on here speaking of people complaining about the wifi... its the same wifi you would find on a mobile phone. You can't expect to get the same range as a high powered laptop. That being said,other than some minor Android OS hickups which are expected and the reason Google creates updates, it works great! I especially like the ability to setup a home share network with my windows 7 PC's to stream music both to and from my tablet. Kudos to Google, Asus, and Nvidia. I brought this thing to work and other coworkers couldn't get enough and actually purchased it as well. ASUS especially rocks for the myNet app and this tab!
  • R. Clayton Huntsman - Comedy of HeirsI gave this Comedy of Heirs 5 stars because it is well-researched, fair and balanced, historically significant, and very, very well-written. The decorated authors conducted more than 500 interviews with more than 400 individuals, fact-checked everything, and protected sensitive sources (remember Valery Plame? Me too...that's why fact-checked anonymity works).
    If some Republican candidates and their controllers, sponsors, and echo-chamber gurus appear to take harder or more frequent hits than Democrats, don't blame these messengers who tell the tale. GOP folly is omnipresent (no doubt accounting for some of the 1-star ratings this book got from partisans). Laid bare is Republican nastiness, deceit, and dirty tricks with probable provenance in the Nixon administration. Jeb Bush, W, 41, and other Republicans come out as honorable and well-intentioned. Christy, too--straight and smart. But the usual gang of entitled flip-floppers and shallow-heads who double-down on folly don't fare so well. Even the zillionaire funders, who raised several hundred million dollars on this crusade end up angry, blaming others (of course), all the while wiping caviar-cream pie from their faces.
    But I liked Double Down best for its literate, snappy, comedic writing style. Most metaphors and invented words ("affluenza") were pitch-perfect in context. A good metaphor for me is the "empty chair" that Dirty Harry shouted at for 12 minutes--it seemed to me
    representative of the entire Republican field for 2012--lying liars, lacking all meaningful substance. Rather than getting Lincolns, Eisenhowers, or even Fords, we got clowns right out of central casting. Running on empty, resulting in an empty chair.
  • Shannon Deason - THE DEFINATIVE MICHAEL JACKSONThis is by far and away the best book on Michael Jackson. Taraborrelli is exhaustive in his research and he gives everyone in Jackson's life, including Joe, his due. Frankly for years I did not read this book because I just felt it was tabloid rehashing, but after Michael Jackson death I picked it up; honestly I was stunned at how much I enjoyed it and how how fair Taraborrelli is to Jackson. The book is a door stop, I dont think he missed an hour of Jackson life, but it's riviting none the less. The book helps the reader understand the current dynamic going on with the Jacksons; the infighting, Joe's bizzare comments, Katherine's odd behavior toward the brilliant Branca and on and on. Michael Jackson is a total enigma, but Taraborrelli gets as close to explaining him as anybody I've read. I appreciate that the author does not make judgements for the most part, he just lays out the information and allows you to form your own conclusions. The book has been recently updated and all the current events have been included. In the end, as a reader you come away with admiration for Jackson, as an iconic talent and humanitarian, you feel sadness for a man who was never allowed to embraced his obvious homosexuality, and scorn for what deep in your heart you know was at the very least bad judgement with reguard to children.
  • Liz Wilkins "Lizzy11268" - Blinking addictive!In a ruined and toxic landscape, a community exists in a giant silo underground, hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them. Sheriff Holston, who has unwaveringly upheld the silo’s rules for years, unexpectedly breaks the greatest taboo of all: He asks to go outside.

    So I’m aware that this was originally written in parts and this is the whole brought together in one volume – I am actually immensely grateful that this did not appear on my radar earlier because it would have driven me absolutely insane to have to wait for each new instalment – ok I am pretty insane most of the time anyway, but still.

    Wool is that rarest of things – a completely character driven dystopian novel. Its a beautifully written one at that. The pace is fairly slow but oh so compelling – as we meet various characters living in the Silo, a lot of whom for one reason or another start to doubt the facts they have been living with. Endlessly fascinating, this little snapshot of a life led in one place and in one way, following very specific rules whose purpose seem to have been lost in the mists of time, its a living breathing thing.

    Of course that is not all there is to it by any means. The world building here is also superb but rather than extensive descriptive passages, we see pretty much all of it through the eyes of our characters – as they move through the various levels of the Silo and a wider picture emerges. The various aspects of the life they lead, the social structures and different communities that make up the whole. Some familiar themes are woven into the narrative – power, responsibility, rebellion and realisation – at times its emotive stuff – you will come to know these people well.

    As our protagonists start to learn more about the realities, what came before, what is being hidden, it is absolutely addictive – I could barely put it down. Absolutely brilliant writing.

    I am so pleased that I still have two more novels to go – I believe the next one is in the way of being a “prequel” and that the last will pull all the various strands of the tale together. I can’t wait to see the whole picture. I really can’t. Highly recommended.

    Happy Reading Folks!

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