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  • Michele - Great resource for DIY travelerSome friends and I are planning a trip to Europe next year and are doing all the planning on our own. Since none of us are experienced European travelers I bought this book -- having listened to Rick Steves' travel program on the radio I know he is a wealth of knowledge.

    I was very pleased with the book, both the amount of information it contains and the way it is organized by region. I know this will be a great resource, both for planning our trip and as a go-to guide when we're there.
  • Rochelle - What a great buy!Summer's Eve is a great product. Some doctors recommend it and you can never have enough. I like that these are the larger bottles, in the store you mostly find the smaller ones. Will be buying again, but I won't need to for a while now.
  • WriterMusicGirl - Get Ready for the GMATI am in the middle of preparing for the GMAT and I love this book! The tips about each section of the test are very helpful and I really enjoy all the practice questions. The online component is also a great feature. It is nice to take practice tests that adapt like the real exam. I was extremely intimidated by the GMAT but the more I use this book the better I feel about the exam. I recommend this to anyone who has to take the GMAT. And, I will update this review in September once I take the GMAT and comment about how this book helped my score.
  • Blue Sky - Norton 360I have been using Norton 360 for several years now and I love it. Every year they keep improving it. It has minimal impact on my computer's performance while protecting against viruses, spyware, phishing, hackers and more. The fire wall reports stopping so many intrusions. It quietly tunes up the computer in the background. I bought the 1 user/ 3 computers , so every body gets protected for one low price. The download delivery is much cheaper, so I used that. Symantec provides 24/7 technical support through chat or email, so that is another added value. The chat is faster and they can access your computer to correct any problem. Over the years I tried other programs (w/o naming), but nothing matched Norton, so I always came back. I highly recommend this program.