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  • Beth A. Ryan - P90X DVD Workout ReviewI followed the workout about 3-4 years ago, as my son had the DVD series. When we moved, got settled, and other workouts were not working, I decided to go back and try the P90X. I have even gotten my husband "hooked" on it. We do not follow the diet, as we are already modifiying, eating smaller portions, cutting out refined sugars, starches, and eating more plant based foods.
  • Lieutenant - Unbelievable resultsHonestly, I didn't expect too much from a product that says it will clean me out. Being over 150 pounds overweight for the last 5 years , I have definitely been duped by a lot of products claiming to do a lot of things and then not performing when it comes down to it.

    I will say this right now.. Super Colon Cleanse is NOT one of these products. I dare to say it is one of if not the most effective supplements I have ever taken and I plan on using it for the rest of my life. I have combined it with Garcinia Cambogia - NaturaBest - 100% PURE Garcinia and have lost over 50 pounds in the last 4 months. I honestly think a lot of that was backed up "material". Sorry if that's TMI but I have spent more time in the bathroom over the last 3 months than I had in the past year.

    Having lost this weight, my life has changed in many ways. Prior to the weight loss, I suffered from a skin condition that had me taking daily steroidal medications and just last week my primary care physician suggested I stop taking them. My condition had cleared up on its own. He asked me what I was taking and when I told him he was quite suprised. He had heard about the products but hadn't seen their effectiveness in practice. He plans on recommending it to other patients and even taking it himself.

    In short : This product has been the lifechanger I needed.
  • Jerilyn Floyd - Great plotThis story has many twists and turns, which kept me reading until I finished. The wife is so conniving and manipulative, her husband seems like putty in her hands. He is no slouch, though, and they learn so much more about each other in their move to his home town. Hope this story is all fiction!
  • Tonya Speelman "Hoarder of books" - Who is the mysterious benefactor?Fantastic tale women over decades and the map. Grace is a newlywed, but doesn't fit the bill for being a socialite. Finding out she has a benefactor in Paris, and finding out her husband is a scoundrel, she hightails it to Paris.

    Eva the perfume collector, turns Grace's life upside down. Go on this journey with Grace. You will love every single minute. You will love Mallory too!!! When Grace goes to Paris, she knows nothing really of Eva. She has some china figures to start with. But those aren't even real! The story will have you gasping for more!

    Having never read anything by Tessaro I wasn't sure what to expect. But now I expect a lot! This book is outstanding. It will be one of my favorite for 2013!!