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  • lsimmons - Best healthy diet everI've been on HCG before and each time I finished it, I put the weight back on. This diet is how I eat normally.....only changing the foods you eat every few days. I was eating the same every day before, and even though it was all healthy food, I couldn't lose these stubborn 20 pounds that I gradually put on. It was exciting to see that this diet was almost exactly the same foods I already eat. I grow an organic garden and can still incorporate my juicing, as long as I use the foods on the list for that phase. I've lost nine pounds and eat more than I did before I went on the diet....I love her concept of diet.....did you eat today?
  • J. Chung - The only book of its kind!I used this book when I volunteered at hospitals in Kenya and Papua New Guinea. While it is not a medical textbook, it is indispensable for the village healer. I don't understand the reviewers who gave this book one star just because they misunderstood the purpose of the book. The cover clearly states "Village" handbook. If you are looking for a family first aid book, this obviously won't do the job. If you are looking for a medical book to help you treat third-world villagers, there is no better book. At the hospital I worked at, there was a library of many health care books made for the third world, but there was nothing that compared to this book. The other books were more like watered down medical textbooks, trying to explain modern medicine for the under-educated. This book is full of common sense treatments that can be used by anyone, such as how to make your own oral rehydration fluid for dehydrated children (homemade Pedialyte for a fraction of the cost), how to tell the difference between marasmus and kwashiorkor, how to diagnose the different types of malaria, etc. I'm a doctor, and I still find information in this book that I can't find in the big text books. For the Third World, this book will always remain important and relevant.
  • Wesley - Actually does repel stainsI used this product 4 years ago when I bought a couch. Sprayed all the surfaces that came in contact with the body. After 4 years, and 1 reapplication in between, no oil stains on the headrest and no dark marks on the hand rests. Family had spilled drinks & food on fabric which came out completely. Very satisfied with product. Bought it again when we upgraded our furniture and sprayed everything down. Has been a year and still no stains. Highly recommended if you want the look of your furniture to last.
  • M. Ciesco - The road to a man's heart...Everybody has either read or watched some kind of piece about what life would be like for humans after the world ended. The big difference with this novel is that it is devoid of hope, certainty, and even explanation. Driven to reach the southern shores of what-was-once-the United States, a nameless man and his son travel through a world full of ash and devoid of sunlight and food.

    McCarthy does not hesitate on the gruesome details, the overly-dramtic and devastating things that humans will do in order to stay in this world and delay the next. Nor does the novel lack any religious and philosophical ideas that are more than central to Western thought. But more than anything, this is an an autobiography of human nature, and how the dynamic interaction of a father and his son can be the difference between life and death.

    Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this book is the style of the writing. Essential English punctuation is thrown away and the narration is delivered in short, simple breaths that mirror the tone of McCarthy's post-apocalyptic world. In this sense, McCarthy reminds me of a modern Hemingway, where even the most direct sentence can give the most elaborate description.

    Even so, Cormac McCarthy's novel will not be considered an extension of the writing crafts of those contempories of the previous century but will in fact be the gold standard of achievement for the new millenium thus far for the literary world.
  • A reader - Years of misery endedThis is amazing. The almost constant pain and non-productive urges are gone. Gone! Not almost gone. They are gone.

    I have taken one of these each morning for nearly two months. The misery is gone. Needless to say my outlook is a lot better,too.
    And I'm no longer inhibited about straying far from home. Align addresses a huge quality of life issue.

    I do not know why this is effective when many other probiotics were not. But I do know that it works. (Now I can get back to trying to age gracefully.)