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  • SuzyShopper13 "Suzy" - Excellent makeup even for older galsAs a gal in my 50's, with good skin that nevertheless gets a little dry and sensitive and has some fine lines, I always thought of Bare Minerals was for the young gals. Too drying and cakey for an older gal like me....


    I have been going through foundation by the dozens trying to find a new one since my beloved Max Factor PanStik was discontinued (yes, that is how old I am, I used to use PanStik!).

    So I finally figured, what the heck, let me give it a shot.

    Well, to my surprise, I LOVE IT!!!!

    It does NOT make my skin dry at all - in fact, it feels like it is keeping in more moisture and is more protected. it looks smoother and more even, even when I am not wearing it.

    It does NOT make fine lines more noticeable at all - in fact it gives me a nice luminous glow without looking makeup-y that is more youthful than my previous foundations.

    It is EASY to apply and foolproof too, as long as you follow the instructions and buff it nicely. It was easy to learn how to do it.

    You can do a quick buff for a casual look or layer it for a more polished look.

    It never looks powdery or dry on me.

    I have to say, I am impressed and would definitely recommend it to others.

    one proviso - if there is a store near you, go and try the colors and let them demonstrate how to use it. I thought i understood how to do it but at the store I got other tips and was able to pick just the right colors without geussing.
  • shamanologist & yogatarian - Helpful review on hydroflossI have had a hydro floss going on 16 years. I mistakenly thought it stopped working well when a tip attachment was not working right. It was one for bad gums a succulus tip. Which i recommend if you need it. anyhow since i thought the old one stopped working i purchased a new one. so i have two working ones now,and so i got to go head to head on both of them running and guess what? they both sound the same! so enough about the noise factor, it's a non issue!
    the new one isn't any more noisier than the earlier version, and yes it's a machine that power washes your gums, it's got to make some noise, you'll get used to it in a Pavlov kind of way. But it's not bad or over powerful, I have a standard faux marble counter, so there you have it.

    Durability: hope the new one lasts as long as the old one, which still is running just fine.
    Size:It dosnt take up too much room like 4-5". It's not tall and sits on the counter top. You have to fill the reservoir by taking the container off, or keep a pitcher of water near by I guess.

    If you use special rinses inside or gum therapy healing aids thoroughly run the machine to emply off any remaining liquid sitting within the hose. I think someone out there had a concern that water sat in the device and had bacteria, well it's kinda like a garden hose where the water will stay in it until emptied. S I always ru mine a little after the reservoir is finished.

    I also run sometimes 1 to 2 fills for my gums, the water goes down quickly so if you are really using this for healing your gums, then run it 2-3 times.

    ,I use this because My gums are a 3-4 pocket almost all through the mouth, yeah bad right, but the hydro floss helps to keep a wiggly tooth at bay And prevent getting deeper pockets.
    Doctor said I need a molar root canal, I say rubbish, ill try to heal it myself, and I am. Maybe eventually Ill have to get one, but I don't have dental insurance so ill heal it now and get to mexico to get it cheaper. And it's worked there's no pain or inflammation. Try using oregano oil its serious against infection of all kinds, and there are some holistic oils out there to use quite effective. Umm yeah research that at your own discretion please. And do what the good doctor tells you so they can take your money.

    Some other peoples hype: A word about the Oxycare irrigator, this is a multilevel marketing company. I have no idea if they are good,but other reviewers who I believe are a part of the mlm talk about it in the context of bashing the hydro floss. don't get confused by it. The Oxyclean company also sells other stuff as well, so I wouldn't bank on that irrigator especially since it is not as well known and specialties or repair kits probably aren't readily available like the hydro floss has which has been around a long time.

    You probably will like this irrigator especially to keep your pearly whites in tact for a long time.

    Oh and if you think my review is helpful, let others know it was helpful.