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  • Tim Burgess - Super comfortable.These shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I work in retail management and around the holidays I am frequently on my feet for ten-twelve hour shifts, so it's nice to be able to slip on a comfortable pair of shoes. They really make my feet feel properly supported and the multi-directional tread should be especially nice as slick, wintery weather sets in.
    They fit very well, I have a somewhat narrow ankle and often have issues with my shoes being loose and rubbing on my Achilles tendon, but these fit very naturally and comfortably.
  • - This diet worksI went on the Atkins diet 2 years ago, for about 5 months, and lost 25 pounds. I never felt better; my headaches went away, fatigue during the day was gone, I was able to wake up earlier in the morning. I need to lose 25 more pounds to be at my college weight. Even after I stopped the diet, and ate a lot more carbs, my weight loss remained. I noticed as I added back more carbohydrates, that many old symptoms returned. I am back on the more restricted part of the diet again because I want to lose the rest of the weight. I will say that you eat a moderate amount of protein, vegetables, fish, good oils, and I think it is a balanced, long-term diet that can work for many of us. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you add back in a lot more carbohydrates, all in the form of healthy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and moderate amounts of fruit, bread, etc. I have two friends who lost 40 pounds (him) and 60 pounds (her) on this diet, their blood pressure normalized, and their cholesterol count actually went from high to normal in 6 months. I have another friend who told her doctor she was going on the diet, he warned her not to. In three months she came back, her blood pressure was almost normal, after being very high, and she felt better than she had in years. Her doctor told her to keep doing whatever she was doing, because it was working.Another friend went on the high carb/ low fat diet. She did lose at first, but was hungry all the time and gained the weight back and more when she went off of it. There are people who do well on this kind of low-fat, high carb diet, and Atkins talks about this and why. No diet is for everyone, each of our bodies are unique. I have found this diet to be excellent in balancing blood sugar and eliminating the resultant fatigue, emotional swings, and headaches. Furthermore, I am rarely hungry on this diet, and after you get used to the change, it is delicious and very healthy. The people I have talked to who feel this diet is unhealthy haven't really read and studied the diet, or actually followed the diet for a period of time. I read tons of nutrition books, was a vegetarian for years, and got so sick, autoimmune disease, low thyroid, indigestion, heartburn, and so on, that I began searching for a diet that would restore my health. It was only after being on this diet that I got well, completely. So for some of us, it really works.
  • copmutergeek13 - SGX is amazing!!I love it - I use it every hole multiple times - I had tried the bushnell Yardage Pro XGC - but it didnt have all the features of my new SGX - the green view - and ability to manipulate yardage is simple hands down the best in the field. You can do so much more with a GPS unit than a laser - and it is accurate as my Bushnell Laser.
  • R. fancher "the chillmaster" - awesome deal!! Killer OSyou guys are crazy to be so critical of Win8 , ... considering the Pro version sells for $66 shipped!!!

    The start button issue is non-sense. anyone with half a wit of technical/visual computer skills can learn the new start menu in 30 minutes.

    this os is smarter, faster, more stable, more features,.... live tiles, are going to be huge!

    what makes it 5 stars for me? the multi-monitor support

    oh wow! I mean, windows 7 did kind of support my 3 x 28" LCD monitor setup. It did present windows as all, one single screen. (5760x1200)

    but with Windows 8? the new start menu? and live tiles? WOW! It's almost like Win8 was made for multi-monitor