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  • Devin - Product + effort = resultsThe only reason that this does not work for some people is lack of effort when using the product. You have to make your moles bleed and let the powerful stuff do what it was intended to do.

    The small bottle is more than enough. I had over 20 moles, some on my face and some on my torso. All of the large skin tags have been flattened to a tiny version of what they were. The smaller ones didn't stand a chance and dissapeared into regular skin.

    I was anxious and ripped a few off before the product could finish working. Those ones hardened and became smaller moles. I will have to restart the process for those, but that is my own fault.

    Also, the product works 10x faster when you use the small circle bandaids.
  • desrtgal - A God Giving GiftI bought this book and the H20 after my husband had done some research regarding a cure for cancer, once he told his mother regarding this God Giving product she researched it and spoke to a doctor that gave her the info regarding this book and the H20. I'm saying all this to say that my sister inlaw HAD cancer but once she read the book and started the H20 she is now cancer FREE, this has been an answer to prayer. My husband and I along with our parents and numerous friends are now taking the H20 with awesome results. This book makes complete since on how the pharmacuticals companies do not want to promote this because it's a miracle and not expensive so they don't make any money. This book also makes sense stating that a highly oxgenated body cannot support diseases and that cancer is just a fungus.
    People get ahold of this, this is a miracle from God you do not have to suffer anymore.... God Bless
  • Paris Clifford - Changed my life immediately- twice!Absolutely amazing how this book can start a transformation of your life from the minute you start reading. The real kicker is when you actually start using it. The "morning pages" which, according to the author, are mandatory, made my life start going in the right direction. Things start coming to you and lining up in the proper order. I started the process recommended some time ago when I first got the book. (One of the great things is that you get to start the work as soon as you start reading the book- actually I haven't even finished the reading yet!) My life was turning around and then I gave up on the "morning pages". Everything went down the drain and the struggle back up has been hard. I once again picked up my trusty copy of this amazing book two weeks ago and started doing the "morning pages" again yesterday. Things are already starting to be better in my life in so many ways! Call me crazy but it works. I have been recommending this book to all of my friends and am now very excited to see that there are others by this author here at Amazon. I will be ordering all of them very soon!
  • J. McCloskey - Funny and informative facts from pre-conception to birth.Given the sheer number of reviews here, I wanted to finish reading the entire book before I left my review, so I could comment on those parts of the book I found most useful. The chapter on caffeine and alcohol was certainly interesting, but it was actually the very beginning and end of the book I found most useful - the chapters on conception and then the chapters at the end about the choices one has to make around the actual birthing process. I had no idea that constant fetal monitoring is pretty much the default in hospitals, and was pretty psyched to learn that episiotomies are as bad an idea as they sound.

    The chapter on what foods are ok and not ok was also super useful; I know someone who had listeria toward the end of her pregnancy and it was super scary; learning that really, turkey and soft unpasteurized cheeses are the only things that can really be linked to listeria was really interesting.

    I'm not yet pregnant but do plan to have kids, and I am so glad I'll have a reference like this. In particular, I think the most useful thing this book does is gives you a way to think about how you might want to have these conversations with your doctor.

    Like Emily says she is, I'm a worrier, and I find "the numbers" very reassuring, so I basically feel like this was written with my personality type in mind. I really hope she writes a second book about "the first year," given that the decisions certainly don't stop after birth!

    I felt like this book was as comprehensive as it could be without getting overwhelmingly long, and it was funny and personal enough to make it a very enjoyable read. Very reassuring without being bossy, and informative without being boring.
  • H. Lyons - so far, so great!We LOVED our old HP 4550 color laser jet, bought in 2001. Finally it wore out and we bought this printer. It is so quiet, so fast, and has such good resolution! It was quick and easy to set up on our network, has no problem with Macs and PC's, and it doesn't get as hot as old printer. We have not yet had to change the toner cartridges, so I still don't know if maintenance will be as easy as it was with our old printer, but daily use is terrific!