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  • Judith L Atwell - Judy's reviewThis book laid the ground work for the other two! It explains how Christian's life as a dom started and that that is all he knew! He didn't know what to make of Ana, that was the start of a new life for Christian! It also shows that we can over come a bad start in life when we start with abusive parents!
  • gimmemyish "great dump" - YO, THIS WORKS ! ! ! !I have tried, I'd say, about 10 things in the past 4 years to get me regular and take solid dumps. I eat pretty well, but I always have this full and uneasy feeling after using the restroom. I think I have had constipation and I never feel that "ahhhhhhhhh" satisfied feeling after using the restroom, just discomfort and annoyance. I've tried mineral oil, pills, psyllium husk, fiber, and various other variations of the sort.

    I picked this product up, I kid you not, about 2 hours ago, and popped four pills in. Let me tell you something. I was laying down and I had this automatic feeling that came ovr me to go and use the restroom and I took one of those dumps where you feel damn good. No backup and honestly I feel happy that I did. It's been a good while since I've taken a dump like that. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is frustrated and lives on a day to day basis with that backed-up feeling. Purchase these. And they're natural. I wish you could post pics on this thing, but that would be gross and funny. But at least it could make all of you believers.

  • Jaernyx - Great for a small SSD.Read/write times on this thing are pretty phenomenal and generally higher than other same-sized or similarly-sized SSDs of other brands. I just put this one in a recent built I did, and have had mine for about a year and a half now, and its still going strong. Didn't use the cloning software, however, I clean install when switching boot drives.
  • Rob "Do-it-yourselfer" - The best I've tried so far !I had purchased a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet ( check my review on that product ) but was not impressed by it at first. The bundled software was hideous and so is Artrage2 which I also bought. Then I started checking out the Sketchbook reviews and decided to give its 15 day free trial a go and Voila! My tablet now has life! Sketchbook is so easy to use I made my first full digital painting WITHOUT ever looking at the tutorials. I went in head first and came out very pleased. I have included my first painting to show you all the ease of this wonderfull product. Everybody says Photoshop is the way to go but with Adobes $600-&800 price tag I just cannot justify paying that much for a freaking CD, I dont care if it prints money! Autodesk is affordable, powerfull and easy to use from beginner to pro. What more can you ask from a product? I highly recommend this and will purchase it myself soon as my trial will be ending in a few days. I cannot wait until I get a Wacom Cintiq 21 and use it with Sketchbook, my mouth drools thinking about what I'll be able to produce.
  • ANONYMOS - nice ball and the colors are greatbought this ball in white but forgot to choose the proper size since i bought it for an 8 year old and i got size three .. pay attention to the sizes because they do matter .. if your child is anywhere from 8 and up size 5 is good .. toddler more like size three .. i kept the smaller size for my unborn son and re bought the correct size the ball work great and he the little boy who got it loves it and the cool black colors