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  • Michael Mills - One of the best sources for data on sexuality: unobtrusive and anonymousThe data on which the conclusions of this book are based are some of the best sources to get real, unvarnished glimpses into male and female sexual psyches: unobtrusive and anonymous measures. Here sexual desires are freely expressed without cloaking them in euphemistic or socially desirable costumes. The data is raw and real.

    And the data are largely consistent with what evolutionary biologists/psychologists would expect to find: a wide chasm between the types of sexual desires of the two sexes. This is unsurprising given the sexes have such divergent reproductive rates and probabilities of parentage. The resulting evolved sexually dimorphic psychological adaptations produce fundamentally different sexual desires between the sexes that cannot simply be chalked up to socialization (much to the consternation some cultural determinists, as evidenced by many of the 1-star reviews here).

    And, there is an upside to this more realistic, if sobering, view. It dismantles the false notion that the sexes are psychologically monomorphic -- and that we may correctly project on the other sex our own sexual desires, which we assume they must share. But such projections will likely be egregiously false, and our acting on them may be met with indifference or disgust, rather than with our anticipated delight.

    As noted by the authors: "The greatest hurdle to sexual harmony is ignorance of the fact that members of the other sex... are fundamentally different from ourselves."
  • LRock10288 - I wish I had a 10 star option.I grind my teeth in my sleep, and the tooth the left of my front two had a chip to prove it. On Monday morning I was rudely awakened by my bottom teeth smacking hard into my front top teeth as I must have been grinding again. I sat up and wound up spitting out 2/3-3/4 of my chipped tooth. This was right in the front, there was no way of hiding it, I was mortified.

    I began scouring the internet to find ANYTHING I could use to remedy this situation until I could see my dentist and get it properly treated. I found Temp Tooth, and was skeptical. It seemed too good to be true, but I was willing to give just about anything a shot. I ordered the product and had it over-nighted to me.

    It was at my door this morning, and I got right to work. It took a little while to get the hang of making a tooth, and I noticed that the plastic seems to harden quite quickly. I wound up tossing my first attempt, as I made it a bit too dark for my tooth color, and made a great temporary tooth on my next try. By using tea to melt the beads for only a couple of minutes, I was able to get a great natural off-white color on my tooth to match the others. I used my broken portion of tooth as well as the surrounding area to perfectly mold the spot, and the temp tooth really snapped in and held in place well. From afar, you could never notice anything is wrong with my tooth, and up close it looks no worse than your average temporary crown from the dentist.

    This product was a total (social)life-saver, and I can't believe that it actually worked. $35 for a truly invaluable product if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation. I will be keeping a container of Temp Tooth in my medicine cabinet for life!!!
  • D. Glaze - Very useful accessoryJust returned from a trip to Colorado. The GPS was extremely useful, in not only directing us to the location we selected, but also to restaurants, motels, etc. Also with the map view, we could see what curves were coming so we could adjust the speed accordingly. And, the speed limit notification was very useful also. All-in-all, it will be an accessory that I will use frequently.