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  • Kattmom - Of all the things we've purchased, this is the best thing (second to the ergo!)We could not live without this chair. We take it everywhere and the baby feels like he's part of the group. He is so happy when he's at the table and not in a high chair. Besides, some restaurant high chairs are so dirty - I'm happy I don't have to use them.
    The chair is so easy to use and so sturdy. I have come across only one table so far that this would not work on.
  • Nancy Stoddart - Necessary InformationAs the population ages and some become really sick, there should be a way out that is both peaceful and painless. I don't know why this is such a controversial topic. It will become THE topic as baby boomers age. I highly recommend reading this book even if you are not considering ending your life right now. You always want be prepared if it becomes necessary. The most important part of the book to me is how to obtain the drug Nebutal. This is by far the best solution but it requires a lot of effort to obtain it. It is just ridiculous that your pet is entitled to a peaceful death with the use of this drug but you are not. Bravo to the authors of The Peaceful Pill Handbook for the work they are doing.
  • Lloydwatkins Kahaloa - Satisfaction On the Move.I'm enjoying it. i'm able toorganize movies, music, add more and maintain all backup files.Best of all is, due to my job in multipul countries, it makes it easier to move around knowing I can travel lite and still enjoy the comforts of being able to either watch a movie or listen to music anywhere. plusnow, i don't need to take my laptop all the time. It works great with my iPAD and a few small adapters.
    Thats exactly what I needed and I am very Satisfied. Worth the purchase.
    Thank You much.....


    Lloydwatkins Kahaloa