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  • RedCell - What You Should Know About Diablo III Before You BuyIf you're reading this, than you are either considering purchasing a copy of Diablo III or already own a copy and just like to read others opinions on the game. In either case, I hope this review gratifies.

    To begin with, let me state that I have been playing Diablo games for more than a decade, starting with Diablo in the late `90s, and Diablo II in the `00s. I played Diablo II: LOD off and on all the way up until the release of Diablo III. Last month, just for kicks, I reinstalled the original Diablo and played through it with the Sorcerer and Rogue classes. I have never reached what I would consider "godly" status in any of the three titles, rather I would simply say that I have/had some well geared heroes. For example, in Diablo III I don't have 500,000,000 gold sitting in my stash like the elite players, though I have sold a few items for 20-40,000,000+ gold and my gear is worth 300-400 million.

    Diablo III was released almost 7 months ago with much ado, fanfare, and hype. It, like its predecessors, set sales records and so on and so forth. I'm not going to try to gauge the attitudes of the 10 million+ people who purchased Diablo III, but what I will do is address a few of the controversies/complaints about the game without regard to their belonging to either a majority or minority opinion.


    No Offline Play

    The biggest controversy on release night was login issues/no offline play. At 12:00 PDT I tried to login, and got Error 37, this lasted for more than an hour. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that Diablo III had no offline play, due to Blizzard's digital rights management policy. This meant that not only could they not play Diablo III online, but they couldn't play the game they had been waiting for all these years at all.

    The days following the release saw the servers pulled down for emergency maintenance quite often. Some players raged and others, like me, took a break. For a select few playing on hardcore mode, these outages could spell permanent death for their characters. So, the biggest controversy here was/is that Diablo III did/does not support offline play. Some people are still upset about it and I do sympathize with them, and wish there was an offline mode; however, I do understand that Blizzard wants to protect their intellectual property the way they see fit.

    Inferno Difficulty Level

    Another complaint surrounded the difficulty of the game once players reached Inferno mode. During the development of Diablo III the community expressed to developers a desire for an extremely hard difficulty that would take a long time to beat. Blizzard obliged and took the recommended difficulty level for Inferno and "doubled it." The community thought this was awesome... well, it wasn't. Suffice it to say, the developers ended up completely overhauling the difficulty of monsters and created a new Monster Power system that lets players control the difficulty level of the monsters. So in my opinion, this complaint is now moot.


    What? No Skill Tree!

    Some players were upset about the lack of skill trees in Diablo III. They espoused how skill trees gave their characters in Diablo II a sense of permanence, thereby contributing to their character's identity. They also mention how much fun they had creating themed builds (e.g., poisonmancer, bone necro, and summonancer etc).

    I understand their argument completely as I enjoyed this aspect of Diablo II a lot. So, like them, I was a little leery of the new skill system, which is comprised of unlocking skills and their rune variants as you level, and selecting any build you want at. Well, I can tell you that I have been completely won over to the new system, and here's why. I've been playing for seven months now and am doing things like speed farming Inferno Act III on Monster Power (MP) 1, Farming Uber bosses and Wardens on MP7, and completing crazy achievements such as defeating the four Act bosses without any gear equipped on Hell difficulty or higher.
    Consider each of these activities and how they all require very different approaches and skills. Now, consider that I am able to do all of these different things with the same character, the one I created on May 15th! Instead of having to re roll character after character until I got it right, I was able to continue developing my character over time as my knowledge of the game grew. I continually experimented with different skill load outs until I found a few that had great synergy (e.g., for speed farming I use a unique build, my passives are pretty standard for speed farmers, that I theory crafted, my Ubers farming build is based on one I read about on the Diablo III forums, and I had to get really creative with my active and passive skill selections to complete that achievement). This change was a great improvement for the franchise.


    Real Money Auction House

    The inclusion of the RMAH in Diablo III still sparks controversy on the forums from time to time. I, for one, do not identify with the RMAH naysayers for simple reason that it is entirely optional and I am not one to get upset about someone I don't know, and most likely will never meet, spending $10,000 on their hero. However, there are some aspects of the RMAH that you should know about before playing Diablo III as it may affect your enjoyment of the game.

    The first and most important thing for you to know about using the RMAH is that it will propel you along the power curve to the point where almost all the shiny loot that falls on the ground when you kill demons will be vendor trash. Diablo is all about finding loot and gearing your character. Using the RMAH excessively skips this entire process, thus negating a core part of the game.

    As for me, I used the RMAH very sparingly, and most of the items I bought I no longer use. Right now the only item that I'm using that was obtained with the use of the RMAH is my Danetta's Spite hand crossbow. I had 17,000,000 gold on hand at the time and saw the bow on the Gold Auction House for 26,000,000 gold, which was a great deal. Since I hadn't used the RMAH for a while I decided to buy $7.00 USD worth of gold to put me over.

    I would also like to emphasize that one of the main reasons Blizzard implemented the RMAH was that people would be selling items anyway so why not give players a safe environment to do so, and make a tidy profit on the side.


    Diablo III is a truly great game with a dedicated development team focused on its continued success. It has smooth gameplay and compelling combat. The look of the Diablo III is very unique with a sort of painterly style to it that really creates a rich and diverse atmosphere. The artists made each area have its own unique color palate. The graphics aren't like any other game in my opinion. They really did a spectacular job.

    The ambience of the game is darker than Diablo II but not the original Diablo. The original Diablo had a gorier feel to it even though Diablo III has more gore in it, if that makes sense. I think this is due in part to the dead bodies in Diablo being so white that they contrasted with the background (e.g., the Butcher's room had black and dark red colors with pale bodies impaled on pikes that drew your focus to them). In Diablo III the dead bodies don't contrast as much with the environment so your gaze is never fixed on them like in Diablo.

    In summary, if you like playing Action RPGs, RPGs, Action/Adventure RPGs, then you should definitely get this game. Here's some anecdotal evidence from the official forums on just how much bang for the buck you'll get out of Diablo III, some people will post a thread stating that the game sucks and they uninstalled it, and yet when their profile is checked they have logged 200-300+ hours! Now I played Skyrim and thought that game was excellent, though the magic system paled in comparison to Oblivion, and only logged 150 hours.

    One caveat though, Diablo III is not an MMO. It is a single player game with a multiplayer component. There will not be a continuous stream of new content or weekend events etc. Since release the only new content we have seen was Ubers and Key Wardens (there are no DLC charges), which are fun. For the most part, though, the patches have either reworked items, drop rates, monster health/damage, and/or introduced new systems such as the paragon leveling system and the monster power system. They are working on an expansion though. 