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  • Loyd E. Eskildson "Pragmatist" - Balanced and Objective -Most of Balz's book deals with the Republican side, though there's also some coverage of the new techniques and technologies used by the Obama side. Republicans provided plenty of drama in the primaries, with a colorful cast of characters that included Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, New Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum

    Early on (during a 2010 Christmas vacation with family - ten of the 12, including Romney, were opposed) Mitt Romney opposed running for the White House again in 2012, and later even considered pulling the plug after a scathing WSJ op-ed that criticized him for his Massachusetts health plan. Later on others, including Nancy Reagan, David Koch, former president Bush II and secretary of state Henry Kissinger, tried to lure Chris Christie into the race. Christie's response - 'Craziness' - he'd only been governor a few months. Turns out that having Christie as a V.P. partner would have limited Romney's ability to solicit Wall Street contributions because of Christie's status as N.J. governor. Romney asked Christie if he'd be willing to resign to sidestep the SEC regulation, but Christie declined. (Balz suspects that had Christie been selected, Romney may have won.) Regardless, Romney went on to blunder again with his '47%' comment, and then after the election tried to convince author Balz that he 'didn't say that.'

    Unfortunately, given that the U.S. is hatefully divided along socioeconomic and party lines, Balz sees the 2012 collision between Obama and Romney as setting the pattern for future contests. He also sees Republicans' veneration of austerity as damaging their ability to attract swing voters, when combined with the new demographics as spelling disaster for their future. Raised, but not answered, is the question of how a data-driven Romney could have deluded himself into believing his victory was assured - even down to election-night. Part of this was Romney's belief that he'd turned the campaign around with his first debate vs. Obama in Denver, somehow forgetting that his performance in the second and especially the final debates was not good. Another low point - Clint Eastwood's speaking off-script to an imaginary Obama in an empty chair.

    One of the campaign highlights had to be Clinton's speech at the Democratic convention. Reportedly Clinton doesn't like Obama, but is both a party loyalist and a supporter of Hillary for 2016. Hurricane Sandy also boosted Obama, providing him a free platform on which to appear presidential and figuratively join hands with Christie, already irritated with how the Romney camp had misled him on the V.P. nomination. (Christie, responding to those attacking his 'nonpartisan' actions with Obama after sandy, asked if they wanted him to 'wear my Romney sweatshirt when I was standing with him?'

    Balz also reveals that Romney stated he believed Jeb Bush 'might well be able to do what was necessary to get the country on track.'
  • L. Riley - Miracle CureThis may not work the same for you, but I have Crohn's disease and I was on several medications, trying to wean myself off. I started taking two of these a day, and I was able to wean myself off immediately of my prescriptions. Whenever I feel a flare coming, I increase the pills that I take and it has always held off a bad episode. I've been taking this for about 9 months now. I had tried all sorts of other probiotics, including VSL, and did not have the same effect as this one. I read that sometimes taking just ONE bacteria is better than taking several different. But again, I'm sure everyone is different!