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  • Jeffrey R. Barry - A huge bargainMy significant other had an old school kindle, but used her cell phone for a lot of other things. I got tired of watching her squint through reading glasses trying to play games on her phone. I bought her a Fire and inherited her old Kindle. We both are very happy with the outcome. The screen size is perfect for reading, gaming, or viewing movies. Where 10" tablets tend to be too big, and cell phones too small, this one is just right. Amazon works with Google to make sure the applications available in the Play Store work flawlessly on the Fire. The system speed much more than adequate. The only thing missing is a forward facing camera. All said in done, it pleases the geek in me and the gamer / reader in her.
  • - I won't leave home without it!We just returned from a trip to Honduras to work as part of the Hurricane Mitch Medical Relief efforts. This book (Spanish Edition) was a life saver for the medical team and the Hondurans we were treating. The text is comprehensive enough to assist in diagnosis and treatment for the team, and basic enough to share with the patients and provide education for them as well as cure what ails them. A must for anyone practicing medicine in developing countries! I'm purchasing my own copies to help with our practice in NM very near the Mexico border!
  • kandice N. - A pirate's best friend (if you don't have a parrot, that is)After many years at sea, living a pirate's life, I decided it was time for a change. I made the choice to become a bartender, knowing nothing else in life but wenches, ships, murder, and liquor.
    My previous occupation has left me with a wooden leg, and my hand, having been lost in a nasty dispute with a warf rat over the remains of a bit of salted fish, has been replaced with an iron hook.
    As a bartender, I would be required to slice bananas, and with but one hand, holding the fruit AND the knife proved tricky indeed. When I would try (and I did many times), my hook would stab the fruit, and it would become lodged on it's pointed tip! I would have to use my dagger to it hack it free, and that would mangle the tender meat of the banana fruit, ruining the gentle and smooth puree of the daquiri! I feared my ambitions of mixing exotic drinks would be lost forever at the bottom of the sea of dreams!
    And then, one glorious day, I discovered the Hutzler 571 Banana slicer!
    It has proved to be a mighty life-saver! Any scurvy dog that dare steal me banana slicer will find his heart carved out, and sliced into beautiful, even pieces!
    It's happy hour everyday with my banana slicer! Aaarrrrggg!
  • David W - Good software but not user friendly..The software is pretty good but not user friendly. If you have an older computer it will not install unless you do some windows updates. Once you do the update the software still will not copy movies. A pop up comes up telling you to download an update. At first I thought the update was an advertisement or something because it did not say it was from 123 copy dvd. This update is the part that decrypts the movies. Since this update is not sold on the original disc makes it legal to sell them. But I just wish the directions kind of hinted towards that.