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  • J. Watson "workout junky" - It does what it say!!!I will start by saying I was BSL and thought something was wrong with menopause, thyroid, hormones.. Something had to be wrong because I had tried everything and my hair would not stop breaking off.. needless to say this went on for four months. My hair is now just past my shoulders. The shedding was phenomenal. Detangling took 1 1/2 hours only to comb out waaayyyy too much hair. I spent several hundreds of dollars on several different expensive damage repair shampoo... Let's just say CD didn't live up to its claim. At least not for my hair. I dug a little bit more and found review on Aphogee and decided to give it one last shot before cutting it all off and going natural, of which, I REALLY did NOT want to do at all. But with the rate that it was breaking I really had no choice at all. I tried the Aphogee Two-Step and the breakage was half that it normally was. three days later I shampoo'd.. Much less breakage and detangling was a cinch with the booster treatment. Here I am four weeks later, ready for another Aphogee Two-Step treatment and NO breakage at all... If you have severe breakage, spongy, tangly hair, then this product is for you. My hair is even starting to become smooth and feel like hair instead of a sanding block when dry. I will update this review after several months of usage.