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  • DGilmourFan - One of my two favorite albums of all time!This and Dark Side of the Moon are my two favorite albums of all time. Incredible lyrics by Roger Waters, stunning guitar solos by David Gilmour, and some of the best vocals ever. Also great job Richard Wright (we will miss you!) and Nick Mason! Check on Remember That Night DVD - an absolute must have in your Pink Floyd - David Gilmour collection. This was Richard Wright's last tour.
  • Kia25 - love itI like all the nioxin products that I have used. I am an African American woman with Thyroid issues. My hair has grown alot since the use of these products. I stopped the prodcucts after the wonderful results because I went to a doctor and he suggest rogain. I should have never stopped and I am going back. This stuff really works. I got the start up kit and started buying more products after that.
  • ExperiencedNetworkGuy - excellent book for helping plan your trip to italyrick steves italy is probably his best travel guide in my opinion. he gives great restaurant reviews and good insight to historical sights and museums. his sections outlining common culture and behavior is very helpful as well if you want to travel a little less invasive than the typical tourist. his language section helps with food, but a real dictionary or translator is necessary for most dishes. his info on travel options (ie: train) are excellent. if you read each section in detail, he has some nifty tricks towards avoiding long waits in line or at a restaurant.

    overall, if you're an inexperienced traveler you need this book, and if you're a veteran this book offers lots of valuable insight if you've never been to italy. if you've been to italy over 3 times, this book may not have as much to offer.

    **i used this book for northern italy and this review pertains to those sections specifically
  • J. Potter - so far so great!Received it one day earlier which was great...after less than a week, I've lost 5 pounds. To be fair, I have been counting my calories and been keeping it under 1400 per day. But...the pills have definitely been curbing my appetite making it easier to eat less. I recently injured my knee and ankle so I haven't been exercising, so this has been helping a lot. As per the Dr. Oz show recommendations, i have been taking it between 30 to 60 minutes prior to meals on an empty stomach. Also this has been with only taking one pill three times per day for a total of 1500 mg per day which is working out well.
  • P. Reed - Truly amazing.I had the good fortune to try out one of these cables, and I can say that it really is worth every penny. The only bad thing I can say is that it did take me a few tries to get it plugged in the right direction, but that wasn't too bad. I immediately noticed that my sound quality was much clearer and the bass was much more vibrant. I even broke out my oscilloscope and confirmed that the bits transmitted through this cable have much more clearly-defined edges than any standard ethernet cable; you can really tell how crisp the ones and zeroes are. They also had twice the amplitude; I was truly amazed that Denon was able to cram so much bit amplitude into an ethernet cable.

    I hope that they decide to sell a 6'-long version of this cable that is certified for us with PCs, as I would love to get this sort of clarity on my normal network traffic. Until then, I'll have to settle for chaining a few of these together.