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  • Heartland Parent - The Commoner PresidentWhat happens when the US gets a president who understands and respects the office not to abuse it for personal gain and legacy? We found out by accident when Coolidge was sworn into the Oval Office by his father in a remote corner of Vermont lit by a kerosene lamp.

    Coolidge didn't craft his image. He was the last president not to have a fleet of speechwriters. He didn't care if people liked him. He only cared to be the best president he could be, based on his understanding of the US Constitution.

    Coolidge let the US refocus on rebuilding itself after WWI and discovering it's new 20th Century self without believing that it was his job to dictate, "issue goals", or pretend to know better than the American people. After Roosevelt and Wilson, that was an opportunity the country embraced and benefitted from.

    Coolidge saw the presidency as a temporary job presiding over the executive branch. Coupled with his belief that every tax dollar steals away an American's liberty, Coolidge ensured that the US presidency was ran with an efficiency never seen since. The Coolidge Administration did not waste a cent of our money.

    Coolidge never forgot whose money he was spending. Consequentially, the size of the "National Government" shrunk during his time in office because Coolidge didn't see a reason for a post WWI government to remain as large as it was when running a global war. He was the last president to spurn legacy building.

    So, it has been easy over the last ninety years to write him up as something he was not. Once the Democrats came to power in 1932, they buried him as a do-nothing afternoon napper with a bad attitude. Coolidge knew they would do this to him, and he didn't care. When he died, his funeral lasted 22 minutes.

    So what happens when we get a president who actually puts Americans first? The economy booms, new inventions are created, new culture is embraced, new dances become popular, and folks get quite carried away. He loved it all. He allowed himself to be dressed up in silly hats, costumes and be the butt of any jokes. He said that it was good for Americans to laugh at their president.

    Shlaes is an economist. This is an economist's take on the 30th president. So, it isn't a "People Magazine" fuzzy-wuzzy tale designed to make you like him. The book is all hard core facts, full of economic presentations, full of challenging minutae not found in other biographies. So, folks wanting to find a book exposing Coolidge in some new intimate way will be disappointed. Coolidge didn't want you to know who he was. He only wanted to be a good damn president.

    And he was!
  • mzglorybe - I've liked the versatilityWe are still using the 2012 version of McAfee All Access, as it does not expire until 2013, but this newer version should be just as good if not better. It is supposed to work on tablets better than the last version. That is where I had my only glitch last year. The customer service at McAfee was great in any case, helping me to resolve the issue.

    We have it installed on all our devices, Mac and Windows, and have had no problems. It is on our desktops, laptops and cell phones. It does not interfere with any running programs. It does give you a warning for any suspicious activity... you have the option to go there to the site or not. The McAfee logo is displayed upon start-up of cell phone, so you know you are protected. It updates automatically as well and lets you know it has been done. I have been using All Access since June of 2012 with no malware/virus problems.

    No disc is necessary ... you download and register right at the McAfee site with your product code provided with purchase. What could be easier? I found it downloads fast too, unlike another reviewer. The size of memory on your computer might determine the speed, but in my case it was easy and fast. No complaints. Definitely recommended.
  • Chuck Eastman - I Love HistoryI love history and people that made it happen.
    Ralph Peters keeps the book flowing along by giving equal weight to both side feelings & strategies in this epic battle.
    General Lee and Meade are totally exposed in this book. Who would have thought after the war that both are looked at so differently in most circles today?
    I hope to visit Gettysburg soon and give my respects to the hallowed ground these men died and were buried on.