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  • Todd Myers - A Very Good Vegan/Allegern Free Meal ReplacementI'd like to start by saying I see a lot of negative reviews for this product, all based on taste. Yes at first the taste is not the greatest, though honestly a lot of powder mixes I have had in the past have not tasted all that great. I add a banana, and even some berries, to the blender and it helps a lot with the taste. One of the best things about this product is you get 33g of protein from one serving, which is higher than any other vegan supplement on the market, you also get higher amounts of B12 and other vitamins/minerals, than other products. Another big pro is this product is vegan, and also allergen free, of the most common food allergies. The price on this product is very good, about $28 for a tub, amazon has the best price of anyone for this product, you get about 15 servings for that price, where other products might cost $60 for the same servings. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a meal replacement, if you are to busy to cook your own meals or traveling, takes only a few minutes to make at most. Good for athletes as well, looking for a protein/nutrient boost.
  • MJ - WOW!!!!WOW! Let me give you a brief history first. I have PCOS and never had a regular cycle. I would get my period for a few months straight and then it stops again for some months; in the past 4 years it stopped all together. No period=No Ovulation=No baby. We tried clomid and IUI=Fail. Eventually we did IVF and got pregnant, then no period again. Long story short, after a few losses due to other reasons I decided to take a break and focus on getting healthy. I found Fertilaid and purchased it with the intention of just using it to get my period, after the first bottle I felt sick, left work, came home, took a test, and PREGNANT!!!! After that pregnancy, I got back on fertilaid again, it regulated my period and I just found out I am pregnant this morning. Now, we don't have male issues as fer as fertility is concerned but I order the men's fertilaid for my husband too.

    I had a friend that was diagnosed with PCOS also just a couple of months back and I told her to try fertilaid to regulate her cycle before going to Rx drugs she did and she also has great results.

    The website says it can take up to three months to work, for me and for my friend, it took just one bottle. Good luck!