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  • D. Randall - great value as a calorie burner - not a trainer for a serious racerArrived the day promised. Set up was a snap. It comes with a quick release shaft for the rear axle. My old Trek Antelope doesn't have a quick release on the rear wheel. Wasn't a problem. The hub end cups on the Rad trainer fit nicely over the nuts on my axle (these nuts are 12mm across the flats). Once I tightened things up, the bike felt rock solid on the trainer. The handles you use to tighten things up are made of plastic, pretty sturdy plastic. I suppose you could break them if you tried to, but if you keep in mind that they are plastic, and can't be tightened as far as steel can be, you'll be fine.

    First ride was 40 minutes. Hardly any noise from the device. I probably have it set up pretty optimally for quietness. It sits on a welcome mat sitting directly on the concrete slab in my home, and I have street slick tires on the bike. I turned the TV on for a bit, barely heard the trainer then. It gives me plenty of resistance for burning calories/aerobic workouts, but is not going to please anyone who wants a trainer that will simulate steep hill climbs. I doubt there is any trainer for less than $300 that will do that. I'm very pleased with it.

    The only real problem is now I won't be able to use the weather as an excuse for not getting in a workout.
  • Matt - Worth the wait!This is my first tablet (64 gb gray) and let me tell you it is unreal. It was absolutely worth the wait. Everything about it is awesome...the design, processor, screen is beautiful. GPS is bad but who is honestly going to us this in their car. That is not a deal breaker. I have played with quite a few tablets and I can honestly say this is the best. Wayyyyy better than the Ipad and all other Android tablets. Highly highly recommend!
  • N. Wigle - Great Book. Get the New Version!The new version is worth the money. I got the 2001 (from the library) and 2009 version (from amazon). The 09 version is not only updated with the most current internet information (a lot has changed since 01 to make that version out of date), it is sequenced and ordered completely differently and includes "the parachute workbook" integrated into the text... no flipping back and forth through the appendices. I think every high school career class should use this book. It is great for any time in life, and I will use his principles/strategies for reflection on an ongoing basis. It definitely would have been helpful in picking my college major...I am going to recommend this to my younger sister, and keep using it myself.
  • heatherlovesbooks - Re-assessing the American DreamDavid Platt really gets into the heart of the Great Commission in his book, Radical. In it, he reveals the misconceptions that America tends to have about what it means to make disciples of all nations. The book is very thought provoking and really challenged me to get past the glossed-over version of the Gospel that Americans like to hear, and really think about what it means to be a true follower of Christ. The stories and experiences that Platt shares really add to the feeling of urgency to take the gospel to the nations. He empahsizes not only hearing and knowing the truth of what Jesus speaks, but to actually put that into action and obey these truths. I would strongly recommend this book for all Christians, young and old. It is very well written and in terms that everyone can understand.
    Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review
  • prestgon - Super Helpful GuideUpon receiving book, I was put off by layout of book and font used with pages full to very edge of every page. HOWEVER, it only took a few pages to realize that this is a very unique and usefull book!
    "2012 Survival Guide" is very engaging and full of useful information with tons of websites to obtain more data on topic discussed.
    Best of all, in the most unexpected places, author Crystal Abrahams is incrediably amusing. The humor in this very serious book is well worth the cost of the book. Financial preparations, political background info, what to buy and not buy, as well as dealing with all age ranges is most valuable. Discussion of all disasters: weather, tornadoes, flooding tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and especially the uncoming 2012 problems of power, water and food shortages. Includes things to do in the fall of 2012, possible solutions to uncoming catastrophes, what everyone can do to prepare in advance and after the event. It is definally a serious book, fresh, packed with indepth information on our upcoming world wide problems, but includes numerous and wonderfully funny ways of looking at very serious problems.
    A MUST READ & WORTH EVERY PENNY .... buy it !!!!