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  • Maggie Pakulska - What can I say...I'm a sucker for Maya BanksLove this book. Has a little bit of an edgy and taboo feel to it considering the age difference between the main characters. Once you get to know both of them, the situation seems normal and expected. I love Maya Banks' books. She aims to please. I sometimes wonderful if such men really exist??? Enjoy!
  • Hector Eduardo - Just PerfectI order this blender because I recently had some health complications and my doctor send me to take a series of juices something strangers.

    This beautiful unit can demolish almost everything you pour into it, any kind of fruit, vegetables, etc..

    The amazon shipping was incredible. I have the Prime membership, order on Friday and for only eight dollars they delivered it by the next day with no problems.

    There are certainly similar blenders in amazon, but the quality of this is unspoilable.
  • K. Leask "book queen" - Better than the last...great fiction!Tudor cannot get more dramatic than the years of Anne Boleyn as queen, since it leads to her eventual execution. Hilary Mantel has in my opinion, been one of the best to capture it, at least from the eyes of a person other than Anne Boleyn.

    I loved this book, and ate it right up. Its much better than "Wolf Hall", for one thing it is a lot easier to understand, but still very eloquent. You are walking the palaces of the English king, meeting with him in council and seeing the downfall of the queen from the front see on your couch in the present day.

    Tremendously written! I had this item on my kindle but when it comes out in paperback, I will definitely spend more money so I can keep it on my bookshelf forever. Can't wait for the next one!