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  • RickNY - H&R Block - great purchaseI've been using the H&R Block/Tax Cut software for many years. It is easy to use, and a great value compared to going to an accountant or storefront tax service. You control the timing of it unlike some accountants who make you wait, maybe missing the deadline. You have complete privacy, with no risk of your personal information "slipping out" from commercial preparers.
    The price and delivery from Amazon can't be beat.
  • Nancy Ball - Following my family's results!Over a year ago my brother who struggles with alcoholism and diabetes called me to say he and his wife were going to try this hydrogen therapy and lent me the book. After a month my brother went in to see his doctor for a check up and was asked what had he been doing because his blood glucose was perfect? In fact everything was perfect. Now just over a year later and my own husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes, but now is willing to do something about it. We read Wheat Belly and have cut out breads, pastas, and cut out potatoes with good results but are now ready to start the hydrogen therapy!
  • Scott Ferrell - i've had no problems burning dvds. very convenienti used to have nero. nero is probably a little better but costs much more. i'm able to burn dvds no problem. when i insert into my laptop a dvd that i want to burn a window pops up asking me if i want to burn it using roxio. i say yes, then a little roxio window pops up, then i press read. when it's done reading my dvd it opens my dvd drive and asks me to insert a blank dvd. when in insert it, it starts to burn the image to the blank dvd. i can't say whether it will burn all dvds with copyright protection but it will burn dvds with copyright protection at least some of the time. otherwise, use dvd shrink to create an image and then use roxio to burn the image to a blank dvd.
    my only complaint is that i wasn't able to burn home videos (avi format) to dvd; whereas, i remember nero was.