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  • NyiNya "NyiNya" - For God's Sake, Make it a black coffee...For heaven's sake...Don't let them see you reading this. I don't know how long I have. Possibly just a matter of minutes. It started this morning when Uncle Ira changed. It was right after breakfast. We had that Tuscan Milk everyone is so raving about. In fact, I bought the last quart that Gristede Bros. had in stock, and it cost a small fortune. But quelle milk...with the high butterfat content, that smooth richness, the almost vanilla top notes and creamy but not heavy texture. We had a bit after dinner yesterday...just a soupcon in the coffee and it was utterly marvelous. Then this morning, we all had some of them there Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats. So we had our cereal and milk, and milk in the coffee, and Uncle Ira done had himself two bowls of the Mini-Wheats plus a bowl of milk and bananas while he watched Dr. Phil on TV. That was when I knew something was wrong. It was him that went first. Uncle Ira, I mean, not Dr. Phil. "Uncle Ira, what you doin' watchin' that there city feller on the teevee?" I yells to him. He come into the kitchen and he's got long underwear on and suspenders, Uncle Ira, of course, not that Phil galoot. I wuz fit to bust. Here's this neurosurgeon dress up like he was Farmer in the Dell or somepin. Well, I sez, Uncle Ira, you a newer sturgeon or somepin like it an I ain't never seed you wearin em longjohns." But damn if I ain't feelin a itch to dig up some oshkosh b'gosh overalls and slide my rusty dusty into 'em, so I goes up'na attic, which is what I all of a sudden was callin the second floor, and commence lookin' fer sum. And then I comes down and looks outta the winder and they's there. Jes' a waitin, bidin' they time. I calt to the young uns to come look and down they come a runnin. Now, call me crazy as ol' Bertie's possum hound, but them kids jes don look like theyselves. Camilla is wearin' a washdress with a apron tied round her, and River Joachim has on t'other set a overalls what was up na attic. She got her hair in a braid and his got his all slicked back with water, and they's both grinnin like idiots. "Ready to do the chores, maw," yells the boy. "I'll get started on them dishes," yells the girl. "I'm fixing to take a sweet tater pie over to Granma Rawlins today and I better git bustlin." Did I mention they both et two bowls of cereal with that Tuscan milk, plus a glass each? They did. I'z the onliest one what had jes that one bowl, thas alls I et, plus the coffee. It musta worked slow on me, because I'm figgerin' it out. Now that I seen them things in the yard, awaitin'. I didn't know at furst what they wuz, standin there alookin in at us, because they ain't what you expects to see from the terrace of a condo on East 58th street, but I done looked and looked, and it was them allright. Cows. Just starin up at us. "What's them animals doin' down there?" I yelled, and then...jes like that...I knew. It was the milk. They done it, the cows. They turned us. That milk that we couldn't get enough of, that we was guzzlin' like hogs at the trough, it was in the milk. I don't know what it was but we's farmhands now, workin for 'em, workin' for the cows. Gettin' up at four am to milk 'em, feedin' em, herdin' 'em. It's all about the cows now. They done somthin to us gotta save yosef...too late fer us. Listen, you go by the big barn where they used to have that there libery on fifth avenue, what we now calls the meadow. There'll be a buggy an a horse hitched to it. The horses ain't in on it, I don't think. Take the horse and...damn, I gotta go. Bossie is comin' this way...
  • JB - Asus Transformer PrimeI have been in search for several years for the tablet that would meet my needs. Alas my journey is over. The Asus Transformer Prime is the answer that I was searching for. It mates with my Android Phone and set up with my Google account was painless. I was up and running in a few minutes with all my apps pulled down from my Google account. It setup all four my email accounts and I had instant access to all my apps I have on my phone. I am truely amazed at the speed and quality of the device. Thank you Asus for meeting my needs and Thank you Amazon in finally getting me my product!

  • G. Rishard - My review is primarily for Mac ownersIf you own a newer mac, it's probably an Imac, Mac Mini, a MacBook, or (if you're like me) all three. All great computers, but one disadvantage, you can't add a dual monitor video card. With this video adapter you can not only add another monitor, you can add up to four. I have three 24" monitors extending the desktop of my 24" Imac. The adapter also allows me to add monitors to my MacBook. They run off of the USB bus power so there is no power cord to worry about.

    I have found that if you own a Mac, you want to get the white Arkview adapters. There are plenty of these adapters available for less money with just the UGA label(the black ones), but they don't seem to work right out of the box. I have purchased several of them from various places, and found that I can only initialize the black ones by plugging in the white one first.

    You need one adapter for each monitor you want to add. You have to buy the Arkview USB-2011 USB to 2.0 DVI/HDMI/SVGA Display to run a 24" monitor, but if you have smaller displays, you can get the lower priced ones that run a 1280x1024 or less display. Be sure to go to the DisplayLink website for the latest drivers. The disk that comes in the box is a mini CD. Those don't work very well with slot loading optical drives. I am using OS X 10.6 and having no trouble at all with my displays.

    If you want to do hardcore video editing and extreme graphics work, this adapter probably won't suit your needs. If you want to run Office, iTunes, Mail, Windows XP in VM Fusion, your browser, and a couple of other applications all at the same time, these adapters will work (they do for me). You can spend a few thousand dollars on a MacPro with dual video cards or you can buy an extra monitor and the adapter, and add them to your existing Mac for under $300.
  • Shaun - The "How To" of Dating and RelationshipsThis is the ultimate guide to dating and developing successful, romantic relationships. Logan Edwards covers a lot of ground and gives the reader a lot to think about. We all have our inhibitions and concerns regarding our own personal approach to dating and could all benefit from the "Secrets of the A Game".

    I'm relieved to find this isn't some cheap, quick approach to getting women into bed with you; it's not teaching us how to become shallow womanizers. It provides real dating advice for those sincerely looking for a real relationship. It covers all the faux pas and inaccurate dating myths, and answers them with a series of tips, rules and guidelines to finding and truly connecting with that special someone.

    Regardless of your current dating status and where you feel like you fit in the Dating game, this book covers the A to Z of dating so you're bound to find something that applies directly to you and your situation.