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  • ninjaturtle06 - Sade is...Sade is hands-down my favorite singer, EVER. I saw this show twice (Atlanta & Memphis) and was just as thrilled as the first time I saw her in concert back in 2001. The band is a collection of some of the greatest musicians I've ever heard live who play so well together its as though they have telepathy. I will admit that I expected the same powerhouse vocal performance that she gave in Lovers Live, but it was a bit more subdued this time. Still, I would go to see her again and again and again. Her talent (and her band's) exceeds most of the junk played on the radio today and they should all buy a copy of this dvd to learn how it should really be done.
  • BlackBelt - Neccessary for survivalThis book should be required reading for anyone that is interested in survival type medicine where they may be dependent on themselves. It covers pretty much everything that can happen in the event of something catastrophic, as well as the day-to-day needs of the average person. I consider it a "must have" for my survival library.
  • S. Sesham "BlueLabel" - Simply Superb!You are happy when what you bought is worth every penny! This is one of those products!
    I was on my way for a runway (loosing hair on the front, above forehead :)
    but this foam not only helped not loose any more hair but regrow as well! Hatsoff to the creators of this foam!
    I read it's made for Heliports (loosing hair in the middle of the head :)
    but it works for runways too!
  • C. Mason "BookBug" - Tummy Ache, Intestinal Problems? - read this bookOn a scale of 1-10 - this is an 11!!!

    Well written - addressing digestive issue that plague millions of Americans. This well known health professional tells us some simple truths that many of us probably never thought of as the source of our miseries. I have tested out the theory (not yet on the SCD) but proved her points in short order.

    Give this book your attention. It is worth every penny.