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  • serenity - Dramatic difference in hair growthI received my item May 10, 2012 and today June 18th, 2012 I can say Wow what a difference. The hair on my armpits is atleast 80-90% gone and my bikini area 60%. I have very dark hair and I have very fair skin. Yes I have used it on my chin and upper lip (used eye protection and closed my eyes) and can say there is only about 15 stubborn hairs left on my chin and 100% clear on my upper lip. I had very course and dark hair on my chin and would have to pluck every morning, but not now. With just the few left I shave and zap them every week and they are dwindling away. I admit that I use the highest setting and zapped sometimes twice a week. I only shave my armpits about every 5 days now and most of the time you cannot even see any hair without getting really close. So yes I love this machine and will keep using until all hair is gone.
  • ang - This book has saved my life!I say that because since 2006, I have had to take Lasix, for anyone who does not know, Lasix is a prescription water pill. You have no idea how grateful I am to the author of this book. I have only been on this plan for one week and I noticed a difference in my body on day 2. I have not had to take one water pill since last Sunday, July 28. If the reader of my review is or has been in the same boat as I, then you know what it's like to be on water pills; having to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, not being able to bend over and pick something up either because your abdomen is too full of water or you are out of breath just from bending over. I suffered from all of that plus more. I never took my Lasix as prescribed, which was every day because it is not convenient. I even considered filing for social security disability because it was so hard to work, but I WANTED to be healthy. Now, because of her plan, I don't have too.

    I've read some of the negative reviews, especially the one that complained about not being able to eat processed food, or artificial sweeteners. Also that reviewer said she thought the portion sizes were too small. I weighed 275 lbs. when I bought this book, I don't think they are too small. I will say though, that while I did follow the portion sizes at first, I noticed that as long as I stick to the plan, don't eat anything other than what is on the list, I have been able to eat a little bit bigger portion sizes. Not overdoing it, but a little more. I've tried every diet and never, not once have I not been able to take my water pills. I can't explain enough how indebted I feel to this author. For years I have prayed and prayed to God to not be able to take water pills anymore.

    I think the hardest part about this plan is on days 3 and 4 when you only eat protein and veggies. What was hard about those days was trying to find something I could eat, but you know what? I made it through it, and actually a lot easier than I thought I would. I never once felt deprived, nor did I have any cravings to cheat or eat something that wasn't on the list.

    The only thing I can say is just give this plan a try because you have nothing to lose except the weight.
  • TnTspapaT - Great product!Love this thing! We bought our original from Canada six years ago as we couldn't find it in the US. It worked great and my son didn't mind it too much. However, in all of our moves, we somehow lost it. We managed to replace it with battery operated one from Target, which was horrible. With my daughter, we used the bulb and it was just too intrusive, slow and she hated it. So I went on a search for it and found it on Amazon! Now we use it on my daughter when she needs it and hopefully our newborn stays healthy and doesn't need it anytime soon, but if he does, we are ready!

    Pros: Works fast, gets it all out (unless you have a horrible vacuum), easy to set up and easy to use. Don't have to worry about going too far into the nasal passage and causing bloody noses, etc.

    Cons: Have to get out the vacuum each time...but this is a small price to pay when it allows my little ones to breathe at night!

    BTW, shipping from Arianna USA was super fast as well.
  • Skeletor's Dad - InvincibleWhen I saw all these reviews I thought, "that is absolutely ridiculous." Wow was I wrong. The reviews don't nearly capture the true power of this shirt. I got fired from my job because every time I would wear it a bunch of crows and wolves would follow me in to the building and so would a bunch of lightning. Plus my hair grows 3 feet instantly when I put it on, no matter how many times I cut it back to a permed mullet. As fast as I can bend down to adjust my crocs, it grows right back. Dont try to cover it up with something else awesome like a Tazmanian Devil Sweatshirt or a chainmail vest, because that will just combust upon making contact with this shirt. And do not buy this if you are not a fan of the conceal-carry laws, because when you put this on a broadsword randomly appears in your hands. I actually put this thing on for the first time in 1982, right after I pulled it out of the 24 karat gold jewel encrusted chest that it came in, and have not been able to take it off since. Have you seen conan the barbarian? ...Based on my life starting the day I put this on.
  • Lili G - Best price available!I gave this 5 stars because
    1. The book is absolutely needed when preparing for the step1 (no, I do not Love it. I actually hate it. I might love it after I get my test.... But still working on it)
    2. The seller has the best price out there. The 2013 edition was not available at my local Barnes&Noble, and they were still selling the 2012 for $50!