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  • Jaimie Griffiths - Miracle treatment when nothing else workedThis stuff is a miracle. I have very thick hair and a lot of it. I straighten it regularly and it's never really looked damaged despite my "abuse." Recently, however, I have been into curling it, and I must have had the iron up too hot, or not used the right protectant because my hair BURNED. It became fried feeling and looked like straw. It also SMELLED so bad...when I got my hair wet it smelled like a campfire and I could not get rid of the smell.

    Anyway, I used this treatment and it fixed my hair. The burned smell is gone (and I had tried sooo many other things to get rid of the smell, to no avail). My hair is smoother, softer, shinier and all around healthier.

    I was nervous at first - when I completed step one my hair became so hard and I was worried that the product was doing more harm than good. But, I followed the directions, rinsed the protein treatment and applied the balancing conditioner and my hair came out so gorgeous. I would highly recommend this product for those with damaged, dry hair. But, be sure to follow the directions and don't use it too often.
  • Charles Anderson - Tough at first, but it will cure you.I picked up this book 3 years ago. I had also bought a LOT of other books - this book had what I considered to be the "hardest" diet to follow. It required me to change my life. I had racked up 20,000 in medical debt, had been hospitalized several times, had fistula drained, was on prednisone, asacol, flagyl, cipro. My wife was a wreck worrying over me while I wasted away.

    I finally had an attack that put me in the hospital for a week. It was all the incentive I needed. At the time I started, I was 5'6", 97 pounds, and could barely scrap together the energy to stand for 15 minutes. The first two weeks were the hardest, but I went from diarrhea 8 to 10 times a day down to 2 or 3. A month in, perhaps once or twice. Two months in - diarrhea had stopped. Three months in - no more meds. Six months in - felt better than I had before college(eight years prior), my weight was back to 135 pounds. I'm now three years in. I had a colonoscopy three months ago - all the massive damage to my large and small intestine were 98% gone - only minor scarring remains.

    God willing, in another three I'll have completely cured this "incurable" disease. Your results will be better than mine, give the book a try. By word of mouth alone, three friends have turned their problems around too.
  • Carrie "Love my Kindle" - Gabes a very naughty naughty boy...lolMaya Banks you rocked this book girl!! I could not put this book down. I just loved Gabe, he's a strong naughty alpha male. Holy smokes he had me
    Mia and Gabe were beautiful together. So looking forward to book 2, it's all about Ash and Jace, who are even more naughty than Gabe. Phew, fanning myself thinking about it.
  • K. Newsom "Photographer" - Her Best Concert Ever!!!I was so Excited when I saw this was Finally available!
    I've been to 3 Sade concerts and I have to say, This Was My Favorite! My husband and I went to this concert in Indianapolis, and all through the show we kept saying, "They have to be taping for a DVD!"
    The stage production was so elaborate and the sound was superb. She's back with the original band members (Sweetback) and it's like putting on your favorite jeans or those broke in shoes...Perfect! They sound phenomenal; and they do ALL THE HITS... Old & New!
    The Blue-Ray quality made me feel like I was back in the arena. I even got to see some different things on stage, thanks to the different camera angles. The extras are cool to watch as well. You get to see Sade & the band behind stage and behind the scenes, and witness the production come together.
    This is a MUST-HAVE for EVERY Sade fan! If you're not a Big Sade Fan now, you will be after watching this! If you've never seen her live, THIS IS THE ONE TO GET!