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  • Erron - Perfect Halloween BarbieI got this for my sister for Halloween because she loves Halloween and Barbies so I knew this would be perfect for her. She loves this doll a lot and is already playing Trick Or Treat with the doll and she loves the outfit that comes with the doll. I am very satisfied with the purchase and I think any little girl would love this Halloween Barbie.
  • Max Power "Max Power" - Tastes like grains.I'm a vegan, no dairy or egg for me. And I body-build. That is a hard combination to master, and you have to be somewhat careful about your diet. I'm lactose intolerant, and Whey makes it even worse. Eggs give me gas and egg mixes always have artificial flavors. Soy even gives me gas. Hemp gives me gas and is quite gritty. Rice and pea protein I can handle.

    This stuff is sprouted grains, which is great because the proteins become easier to digest when they are sprouted, and sprouting them also creates beneficial enzymes and probiotics. The taste is reminiscent of plain oatmeal or plain brown rice, which makes it a good candidate for adding some bulk and protein to fruit or yogurt smoothies. It is really easy to digest and is easy on my stomach. It doesn't give me any gas. It mixes easily and has no strange grit. Granted there is fiber, but it is very palatable. The enzymes and probiotics help break down the complex carbohydrates, proteins, and starches. Drinking this with some power-fruits makes me feel good,like I've had a healthy meal, not like I've taken a shortcut like protein extracts make me feel. My muscles are still hungry after protein extracts. Nothing is a substitute for whole, real food, like RAW MEAL provides. You'll still need to get antioxidants from fruits and veggies, but this is a good filler and your body will notice the difference.

    I mix this with fruit and tender vegetable leaves like spinach and kale, and it is great. It has a very neutral and natural flavor and never dominates a smoothie. I do not like it as much plain, but it is better than protein extracts plain. I think this is because it is not extracts or isolates. I can actually eat this stuff on top of oatmeal or cereal or yogurt and it is similar to ground flax seed.

    Too much concentrated protein in mega doses is actually very hard on your body, and your liver especially, which has to work extra hard to filter out the excess protein it cant immediately use. Your body was not designed to be hit with megaloads of protein. It is much easier on your body and your gut if the protein is in a natural state, mixed in with fibers, starches, and antioxidants. And the enzymes and probiotics lets your body utilize those things to their maximum efficiency.

    This paragraph might gross out a few people, but to get personal, my bowels get loose as heck with protein isolates, my body just wants it out. And I feel like all the nutrients are literally just flushed down the toilet. With RAW MEAL my stools are normal.

    Anyway, hope that helps.
  • lone wolf minataur - Epic journeyI'll admit I was not a believer, until the day I strapped this joker on. I was deployed to Iraq 2003, it was hot 130 degrees on the wet bulb. We rolled out early, no s*** next thing we knew a fire fight downtown Mosul. I reached into my "go" bag yanked out my fresh three wolf moon T an began to blast. I believe Dr Dre said it best " though shall not decimate another man's three wolf shirt. I leaped and bounded impregnateing Tue local national men and women with my potent sperm.

    With in moments the battle was won, a black horse arrived accompanied by the very wolves on my shirt. I'm my platoons amazement I rode off into the sunset, winning battles, ending fire fights for the next 12 year's. Since then Ive returned home with my wolf pack living in the suburbs near Cleveland Ohio. Two in the pack were diagnosed with PTSD and one lost his tail. Were all recovering .... Thank u for your your support.... Chuck N.......
  • Alexander D. Lustberg - important work, disregard the obvious smearI could not help but notice how almost every single one of these "one-star" reviews are made by people who have never posted on this site, and then are immediately found "useful" by dozens of people who are similarly on this site for the first time. I encourage ALL to evaluate the credibility of these claims themselves through their own research rather than simply accept obviously orchestrated criticisms driven by a not-so-thinly-veiled agenda. The fact remains that this is an incredibly well written and moving story - one that deserves a read and deep consideration in terms of the history and personal courage that it reflects so vividly. (Disclosure: I am not a regular reviewer myself, but I read the book, know the co-author, and have no doubt about the integrity of this work).
  • A Book Lover - No new features but works flawlesslyIt works flawlessly for me. I love it. I saw a whole lot of very negative reviews when the release came out so I decided to wait another 6 months before buying. Kudos to Quicken support team to fix all major flaws albeit belatedly. I am very happy with this product. 2-yr old Premier was crashing on me too frequently and would not generate year-end copies. 2013 version works great!