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  • PrettyDebbie - I'M CRYING I'M SO HAPPY!Okay, I know everyones said this stuff already, but, kay, I have very fragile fingers. Like, as a girl, I cant STAND using those clunky, complicated man pens (i can barely handle a keyboard, lol). Wats worse is sometimes I'll be writing and get sooooooo distracted cause its so hard to focus on such a boring pen design, but now.... honestly, I think without these pens, I could never write anything ever. Like, ever.
  • Meow - Very IntuitiveThis software works like a dream. I have no idea how but this software works better with my wacom tablet than any other. Been using adobe photoshop since 1999, and for actually drawing, this has it beat. A must for anyone who loves drawing and wants to be able to do digital work.