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  • Ardent shopper "Careful Spender" - EnergizingThe Garden of Life Raw Meal (Vanilla) replacement works well for me. A serving is about 4 oz of dense, mealy, crumbly, greenish powder. The flavor is that of ground sprouted grains. I use this daily and mix it in a large Magic Bullet mug with water, baby greens and frozen blueberries. The greens improve the taste and texture of the blended drink. This stuff is easily digestible, filling and energizing. I am satisfied for about 5 hours. Highly recommended.
  • Chris - Amazing TabletThis tablet is amazing. It's fast and more responsive then any tablet I've tried. The picture is amazing and with the available keyboard the battery last forever.
  • Ralph Tappan - Well written, could not put it downI have never been disappointed by a Dan Brown book. I particularly enjoyed the visual tour of Florence. His writing is a vicarious tour of Europe. Combining facts with a horrible solution made me think about the problem of world population growth. I still believe that nature will solve this problem for us.
  • lynnp - Quickbooks is the Premier in BookkeepingI love using the newer version of Quickbooks Premier. We previously upgraded from QB Premier 2007 to the current version Premier 2013. It is indeed Premier in all it's glory. It's easy to use, and I love the new interface. No problems when it comes to looking for things I need in quicbooks weather it's customer information and invoices, or billing and banking to payroll information I'm looking for. Quicbooks Premier 2013 is better and improved navigation and centers make it easily accessible for anything I'm looking for.
  • L. Hastings - A Labor of LoveThis is actually my third time reading this book, as I read the original twice and now this one. It is a book that I will surely read again. There is so much to know about Michael Jackson between these pages; a lot of it fascinating, a lot of it incredible, a lot of it sad. You will laugh and you may cry. How could you not? For me, J. Randy Taraborrelli humanizes him in such a way that no one else has been able to do. You're getting the beginning of his life and you need that to try and understand his entire life. This book covers everything.

    I believe that the dedication in this book is quite fitting. This book is more than just a biography. It is a labor of love. J. Randy Taraborrelli has always been a Michael Jackson fan. If you do your research you will find this out about him; but you feel it as you read the book. The updated version of this book is well done and I plan on writing the author and thanking him for it.