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  • Mr. Garret J. Fitzgerald - Take your binder off to warThis binders are simple and durable, and as President I will send your boys off to Iran armed fully with a full set of colored binders, red, white and blue. Yea America...GO GO GO!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!!
    And the little women will be at home in their binders cooking dinner and waiting patiently for your return.
    And we'll make sure you have a $1.00 a day job waiting for you when you return.
    Vote Romney.
  • Justin D. Turner - Really pleasedI have been considering purchasing a tablet since the original transformer was announced last Spring. I am glad I waited for the Prime, as I feel it is something powerful enough to grow with me in the years ahead.

    - The biggest advantage of the prime is the option to add the keyboard. It really adds a level of versatility that is currently not matched by anything on the market. Feel like just browsing around the web or checking email? Use it as a tablet. Need to write longer emails or documents? Attach the keyboard and you have a laptop that is considerably lighter than any laptop I've used.
    - Battery life is really impressive. I've been blown away. It lasts for days. As in, I charge it Monday and it still has a charge on Friday. To get these results, I'm obviously not using it constantly, but for my nightly email and blog reading, it's great. The keyboard has it's own battery that charges the Prime when attached. Together, the Prime lasts about 16 hours which is 6 hours longer than any tablet available.
    - The screen is very sharp, and the ability to turn the IPS mode on and off (and with just two taps) makes it that much more easy to use.
    - The Tegra 3 processor really hums. I have played a few games and it has no problem keeping up. Also, I am able to browse with more tabs opened in my browser than I can on my netbook.
    - Android ICS Operating System is a great user experience. I love all of the flexibility Android allows, and firmly believe it's the best mobile operating system right now. As a gmail user, I absolutely love the built in Gmail app which is better than either the web page or what's available on non-Android tablets.
    - Great support from Asus. Early on, some units were having stability issues. Mine was one of them. Asus was on help forums reaching out to customers, letting them know they were working on a fix. I'm happy to say that after 2 weeks, my Prime received an OS update and I haven't had any problems since.

    - The only real con is the GPS issue. Many units don't have a functioning GPS. I don't even know if mine is one, because since it's WiFi only, I have really no use for GPS. But it's a real issue, acknowledged by Asus, and if GPS is important to you, I would wait until the new Transformer TF701 or 300 come out in the second quarter, if you want a keyboard, or get something else in the mean time.
    - Supply chain problems also left me waiting a month after my order for mine to arrive. Not the end of the world, but it's hard to get excited about a product when if you brag to your friends about it, they can't even go get it because it's so hard to find.
    - The speakers are kinda meh. There really should be two for stereo. But really, how often am I using the speakers on a tablet anyway? On planes, trains, etc, I use headphones, but it's worth mentioning if it's a feature that's important to you.

    Overall, I think the Prime is a really impressive product. As a tablet, it allows me to check gmail, read blogs from my reader, and the Washington Post from Press Reader (pre-installed, and really nice) in a great, light, portable form factor. Add on the keyboard, and now it's a light weight laptop that allows me to review and edit photos on my SD card. Love it.
  • MBHurley - Great heating padI bought this heating pad to help me with a herniated disc in my neck which feels so much better with heat in it. I was hesitant about buying online however found the reviews on this heating pad were better than the majority of others.

    It is slightly more expensive but definitely worth it. It's pro's include:
    - heats up really quickly & on the highest setting is very hot; I generally find that the setting of 5 is sufficient for my needs. It goes up to 6.
    - the auto off function is perfect, it allows me to fall asleep with the heat which provides relief yet is not dangerous.
    - it is very soft and easy to position over several pillows.
    - it has a very long cord which means finding an outlet is not a problem.

    The only drawback for me is that the plug which goes into the heating pad is relatively big and hard - it's not a problem so long as I position it properly.

    I have had no issues since I purchased it several weeks ago & would not hesitate in recommending this heating pad.
  • camps - Effective!Before I bought this product, I was suffering from hyper underarm sweat, which was ashaming and affected my life. Wouldn't you be affected if you found you couldn't raise your arms out of fear? That was me. But now, my pits don't sweat, and I enjoy dryness. This does itch a bit on the 2nd day, so it's advisable to buy anti itch lotion if it happens. But it's a small downsize to an otherwise amazing product.