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  • MaggieS "Mags" - Kindle: My best birthday gift ever!I received my Kindle as a birthday gift a few weeks ago and I am already totally in love with it. I have always been an avid reader and I think my husband purchased it for me because he is tired of making bookshelves to hold all of my read materials. The Kindle is so lightweight and very easy to maneuver. I read a few chapters in the owners manual and have learned how to transfer my academic e-books to the device (I am in a Master Degree program). I love that I can access the web (and my school website) from anywhere I go. I don't have to be at my computer to comment on a class activity. I also love that I can post my favorite passages of books right to my Facebook account. If I am tired, I can have the Kindle read to me (the male voice is much better than the female voice) and the books download to my Kindle so quickly that it surprised me. I take my Kindle everywhere and love that I can download my favorite classics for free. Purchasing is so easy on the Kindle that I am impressed.

    Overall, the quality is superior (compared to other e-readers) and it is very convenient for me. I can't say enough good things about this product. My only wish is that I would see an even bigger book savings (compared to purchasing at a store) but I am hoping the prices lower with time.
  • customer - Great tablet for such great price!I saved about $300 from switching from paper textbook to eTextbook, so I decided I need a larger tablet to go with it (I own a 7" Android Tablet). I found a used Transformer Prime about that price, so I purchased it.

    There is no problem so far, everything has just been great.
    From a today's standard, this tablet is not as new and not as fast compare to like iPad 4
    However, given the price (for to a price of an iPad 2) this is just increditabily great!
    Though it is not Retina Display, the graphic with its Quad-Core is just awesome
    It is responsive and fast and it is actually lighter and smaller than the iPad 2, let along iPad 4
  • Mr. John Egan "andragogue" - Microsoft finally does right by back users!For the most part, Microsoft's approach to Mac products has seem to be "ensure the product never quite catched up with our Windows versions." Until now.

    I've been a Mac user since 1996, and every version of MS Office had some major deficiency: running slowely, missing key funcationalities, pretty much abandonement in terms of MS Exchange support. In the era of Mac OS X things have incrementally improved: with Office 2011 most of the major annoyances are gone.

    The good:
    <u>The Ribbon</U>that replaces various toolbars is a huge timesaver--once one gets used to it. Being able to click through tabs is easier than opening and repositioning 3 extra tool bars, especially on my 13" MacBook at home.
    <U>Outlook for Mac</U> means no longer having to run the Windows version via emulation software--or the clunky Entourage web services addition. Finding meeting times with colleagues is much faster now.

    The bad:
    Still no <u>Access</u> for Mac (though FM Pro is a superior product on both platforms anyway!) will be a pain for many users
    <U>Outlook would support life Google calendar sync. Why????????
    <U>Shortcut keys in Excel</u> still aren't there? I'm a mid-user and find the lack of a shortcut to fill down/up/left/right a royal pain; my husband the finance pro can't even conisider switching to a Mac because he relies on the dozens of shortcut keys in the Windows verions.

    But this. Really.
  • BigMac - A Fascinating Book!This is a well written, well annotated book by a Pulitzer winner. It is also a book that pulls no journalistic punches. My hat is off to Hersh & the publisher for having the cojones to write/print such candid material about so popular an historical figure. Of course, JFK's untimely death was tragic. That said, in order to gain informed insight, one must sometimes go beyond even the most tragic of events and/or popular legend in making that effort. "The Dark Side of Camelot" certainly accomplishes that.