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  • Eric Marion - Sometimes one has to place the order and be your own judgeThis product works very, very well. I love it. It's hotter in Texas than one could really believe. I like the option of being able to still ride my bike and get my cardio in, while watching tv, or listening to loud music, oh, don't forget the huge garage fan that moves from side to side. This Trainer product allows me to do that without haste. It is extremely durable and my setup process took all of 5 minutes. Yes it makes some noise, as the tension wheel is on the rear tire of your bicycle. All I can tell you is to Pump up the Volume. I am so glad to have this edition added to my home gym, Thank you Amazon for having just what I needed to complete my workout...
  • - Simply the best layman's medical guide, period.This book should be in every home. It was especially designed for people in rural areas without access to a doctor but the medical information is applicable anywhere. The way the information is presented - it is written to be easily understood by anyone and you don't need a medical degree to do so - is impressive. The wealth of information here on a large number of topics, from symptoms to treatment to possible drug side-effects, is also impressive. While most laymans' medical manuals deliberately withhold information and tell you to "see a doctor" for certain things, this book does not. As such it should be extremely valuable for emergencies. It is no substitute for a doctor but is indespensible for those situations where no doctor is available.
  • rocky121 - Always know your balances with QuickenI have been using Quicken for longer than I can remember. I have three checking accounts, and five credit cards that I use depending on the best rewards. They can be hard to keep track of, especially since we are retired and have fixed income. Because of the ability to keep track of exactly how much I have spent on each card, easily, I have never made a late payment or spent more than we can pay off in that month. I am not normally organized and tend to forget things and procrastinate. With Quicken, I can automatically download all of my transactions for all of the checking accounts and credit cards daily, with very little effort. I had the privilege to beta test Quicken this year and think it is one of the best releases, ever. I really cannot figure out how so many people get by without Quicken. It is the only program that I purchase almost every year.
  • A. Helms - Very helpful for the searching studentMy daughter has really benefited from this book of majors. She has a general idea of what she likes to do and the types of work that would appeal to her. The books organization makes it possible to find majors and schools that are a good match, worth having it around the house for repeated reference during her college search.
  • L. S. Brooksby - great tax software for business and personalI have used H&R Block, previously Taxcut for over 10 year, maybe a lot more. The interview is good and walks you through even very complex returns. I highly recommend this program. The nicest think is it will load last year's return and this makes a lot of the data entry faster because most things are already filled out. I used to have my accountant check it every year and it was always good. Lately it has been more sporadic because my trust level with the program has gone up.