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  • Rochelle "rochelleac" - Best Health Book Ever!Absolutely wonderful book that WORKS! Understanding your personal body chemistry is so very important. The Plan has been very successful for me and for many others in discovering more about themselves related to food, losing weight, reducing pain, and inflammation. My PCP recommended this book and she is part of the team that is listed on the webpage for this book. I highly recommend this book for everyone. I am even starting a support group in my town based on this book due to my passion to promote this even further and help as many people as I can :) Thank you Lyn-Genet! (PS - I have lost 15 lbs and reduced my inflammation and about 1/2 of my chronic pain....and I am still enjoying learning even more each day)
  • Debora H. - I am slowly getting my life back2 years ago, I was suffering from nightly fevers, night sweats, diarrhea 5-8 times a day, pain and cramping, and would black out every time I stood up and had to rest when walking to the back yard. I was taking the highest dose of Colozal possible, and had lost 30 pounds in one month. I decided to start Remicade, which stopped the diarrhea for a week, and then I would regress. 3 rounds of Remicade were providing relief for 7-10 days after each one, and my doctor was suggesting 6 MP or Imuran, even though I had had a near-fatal reaction to it many years ago.

    I decided to try the SCDiet again, which I had tried 8 years before with great results, but hadn't continued when I became pregnant, and had misplaced the book in a move. When I began the diet this time, my fevers stopped in a day! I continued to take Remicade, and followed the diet, though I suffered continuous ups and downs for the first 6 months, and my diet was very limited, since I couldn't tolerate most fruits, most vegetables, the nut flour, or the yogurt for the first 3 months.

    I gained back the 30 pounds in a few months, despite the rocky progress, my anemia slowly corrected itself, and I started having energy again for the first time in years. I continued on the Remicade, though by now, I was able to stretch my infusions out to 8 weeks, then 10, but still would relapse towards the last weeks.

    A year into the diet, I found out that I had a stricture in my descending colon and sigmoid colon that was the size of a pencil. In July, 2004 I had surgery to remove the stricture, and continued on with SCD in the hospital and afterwards. Recovery was fairly easy, and the doctors were amazed at my speedy progress. I discontinued Remicade, since it was unnecessary with the stricture gone.

    It is now one year after surgery, and 2 years on the diet. I had a colonoscopy a month ago, and my GI found very, very slight inflammation in the rectum and secum, and all of the biopsies were normal. I haven't had Remicade since the surgery, and am continuing on a very low dose of sulfasalazine, which I plan to discontinue in a year. I weigh the most I have weighed in over 17 years of this disease, my bloodwork is all normal for the first time in 17 years, and my skin and hair are healthy. Many people have wondered if I am pregnant, because I look so "radiant."

    Hopefully, in 2 more years, my follow up colonoscopy will be all clear, and I will have weaned from my last medication. I am just saddened that I didn't stick with the diet 8 years ago, because I probably would not have had to have surgery, or 17 years ago, when I was first diagnosed at 16. There are so many things I lost because of this disease; a year abroad at a very prostigious art school, a modeling contract, a normal college experience, besides many, many years of blood, fever and sickness.

    Some doctors are beginning to recommend this diet. It is becoming the treatment of choice in the autism community. This diet includes high strength pro-biotics in the form of homemade yogurt; there is more and more evidence that bacteria are playing a large role in these diseases, so the premise of the diet makes sense. I was spending $500 a month on supplements, and was still very sick; when I began this diet, I found that every one of them had some kind of starch or sugar; I now spend $7 a month on vitamins/fish oil. For a decade, I have known that certain foods I ate made me ill; it was so freeing to finally know what to eat, and my food choices are huge compared to what I tolerated in the past. I now can drink wine for the first time in 10 years, and coffee, and tea, and the many baked goods allowed on this diet are delicious. I feel like a teenager again, though this time, I am not sick. Everyone who comes to my house comments on the incredible food my family eats.

    It is a crime that no one will do a double-blind study on this diet, and the general advice is, "there is no medical evidence" to justify it. Well, do the study then! Find the medical evidence! In the meantime, there is nothing to lose in trying it. It is healthy, and prevents many other diseases by eating whole, homemade foods. There is no danger in eating this way, except that you will be required to cook - a lot- and it may mean a significant lifestyle change if you are used to eating out, or rely on pre-made, packaged products. I just wish I found it many, many years ago. I wonder who I would have become if I had not suffered such extreme illness for half of my life. To have control again over my body; to know what to eat and that I am progressing! What a miracle.

  • JillyB "JillB" - Easy to UseI purchased the H&R Block at Home to do my son-in-law's tax return. He has a Schedule C that he files every year and the soft ware was very user friendly. I like that it prompts you by asking several questions in each subject and if the answer is yes to any prompt it takes you through the steps to input the information. I would recommend this software for anyone with Schedule C returns.
  • booger - Beautiful RuinsJess Walter's Beautiful Ruins is one of those books we say about; "You must read that". The narrative starts in early 60th, a small town Italian coastal line. The description of this little fishing village and its characters is so vivid, it gives you a feeling you visited the place. There is a small hotel there and the owners son becomes one of the main characters of the book. Life in the hotel and the village changes upon an arrival there of young and beautiful American actress. She arrives to rest and meet her mystery friend there. Walter takes us on a journey from that time Italy and brings us through years and lives of characters to mid- seventies Seattle, present day Hollywood and toward small theater group in today's Spokane. The result is an intricate and beautiful web of events and characters, whose decisions in the past brought us towards their today's life. It is all done in a mastery of writing, which is nothing short of the best novels recently published.
  • Byrnvif - It is a enjoyable appI was reading other peoples reviews and am not having the same problem gameplay is I like how it goes into first person kn throwing plays if anyone has played the espn football games (I don't think they've made in in a while) it had first person and I loved it over all I thought this app was great, id just be aware of the glitches others are getting but it could just be their device