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  • Shannon Henery - Simultaneously Inspiring and Infuriating!!Like many others, I read this book in 2 days simply because I could not put it down. The writing style puts you in Zeitoun's canoe, and his shoes, through the entire ordeal. You forget that you are reading a book, and instead feel the whole thing playing out as if you are living it. I finished the book yesterday and have not been able to shake the anger I felt for the law enforcement officers and national guardsmen since. At the same time, Zeitoun reminds us just how little we actually know about others no matter how much we assume based on religion, occupation, ethnicity, etc.
  • Rose Red - As good as it gets for candida treatmentI have upgraded to the fivelac version of this product from threelac it has solved all the issues I was confounded with in before (it has acidopholus & bifidus along with the three strains of candida eating bacteria inside). I have CFS, and have been tested for Ebstein Barr, Candida, & Hypothyroid - with positive results for all. I've found after 5 years, I cannot live without my T3(thyroid medication), Fivelac, Thorne Mediclear & a Ph Balanced Diet - otherwise I cannot function enough to keep all my affairs in order. After trying a zillion products, practitioners & spending thousands of $$$$ - this is what I've been left with. BTW - if u have a dianosed hypothyroid - go see an endocrinologist! Abandon that unconventional overpriced CFS doctor!! (Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance is a rip-off!) Hope this helps!
  • Billie Twitchell - great read for anyone who loves a story about how loves can change a personthis is the first in the series of books and introduces you to ana and christen. christen is slowly being changed by ana, especially with the "vanilla" sex. fifty shades come into the book because christen considers himself fifty shades of f***ed up. christen is used to getting his way when he is interested in a "relationship" he is very clinical in all his "relationships" and makes all his subs sign a contract. he tells them what to eat to stay healthy, they must work out with a trainer, and must stay in top shape to be able to keep up with his sexual preverences. ana changes all. that she doesnt want to sign anything but christen still wants her and agrees to a "vanilla" relationship. this is just the begining of a great series of books. if you look past the graphic sex and see the heart of the story which of how a damaged man can be transformed by love and who learns to love in return.
  • encino78 - Better than an IpadFirst off let me say that this is by far the best tablet I have ever owned. I've gone through ipads and kindles, but this is the cherry on top.

    Pro: Everything: The sound is incredible, the screen is great, the battery is amazing. I give this product a 5/5 hands down the best money can buy. Samasung really delivered a great product.

    Cons: I'm not sure why, but samsung decided that non of us like to play with our tablets while charging. So they made the charger extremely short. That is literally my only complaint.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. Solid, Reliable and Fun!
  • Chicago - Great Swing - Just Give It Some TimeThere's a lot of parenting advice that my mother-in-love gives (okay, more like foists upon) me that I don't appreciate, but I grudgingly have to give her kudos for this one: just because your baby doesn't like something initially doesn't mean that s/he won't like it, even love it, later. This holds true for the Mamaroo. My daughter initially screamed when put her in the Mamaroo for the first month of her life, and I thought the swing to be a tremendous waste of money. But somewhere in the second month, she really got comfortable in it and I could transfer her from stroller to swing and get her to extend her stroller sleep for an even longer nap. Now at 6 months, I can rely on the Mamaroo to put my daughter to sleep for impromptu naps every. single. time. Does it do pretty much the same thing (but at a more exorbitant cost) as the FP swings? Yeah. But if you're short on space, this is an awesome swing to have. I wish that I had one on every floor of my city condo. Plus, it looks pretty and usually elicits comments from guests. I like the plush version better than the non-plush version. My daughter doesn't slide around as much in the plush version (I also recommend in the infant insert for the newborn stage), and it's way softer for when you put baby in right after a bath or if just wearing a diaper. My daughter loves the little hanging balls and usually tries to reach up and grab them. I suppose theoretically you can hang a little stroller toy from the top of it too. I do not use the speaker or sounds, as the mere whirring of the machine lulls my daughter to sleep (and acts as white noise while I get things done around the kitchen/living room).

    One interesting note - I used to think that all of the different "swing" types like the car ride setting, etc. where just a bunch of phooey. But my daughter actually has preferences. Car ride will keep her up all the live long day. Rock-a-bye on the other hand will put her to sleep like clockwork. Some other setting (can't remember which one at the moment) will have her scream like banshee. You have to unfortunately experiment in order to figure out what setting works for your baby.