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  • Sara Rice - Terrific Holiday RecipesI gave this book to my sister as a gift and she simply loves it. I had to go by one for me to but Ree Drummond's recipes are terrific. I love to cook and bake and her recipes are different so I am thrilled to have this book as part of my cookbook library.

    This Thanksgiving, I am mixing it up! Not making my grandmother's stuffing....trying out a new one.
  • KRJ - Very helpful!I suffer from a disorder called gastroparesis, so my stomach does not empty food for a really long time. My GI doctor recommended that I take Align to help reduce the bloating and gas associated with my delayed digestion. This product does everything it claims to do. I take it every single day and I find that bloating is basically gone and my stomach feels a lot better. I do not experience any negative side effects from Align whatsoever, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Momma Teri - Cadillac of strollersWell gees, I have gone and gotten little E the Cadillac of strollers! The Tango puts just about everything we own to shame. I never thought a stroller line could be pack with so much style, modern thought and features beyond your wildest dreams. Zooper really thought of everything a parent could want in a stroller and then seemed to top it off by twos. If my little man only knew he looks like a king on his throne when riding along in this bad boy!

    The Tango was created to fit infants of all ages, starting right from the newborn stage. The seats have the ability to be laid back completely flat and offer what they call an infant safety enclosure that keeps your newborn completely surrounded. I think this is a wonderful feature since in my experience a newborn don't do so well when sitting up right in a stroller. Their heads can fall into the neck and sway even with the support of a headrest. With the Zooper Tango that problem is taken care of and they can be laid down fully safely and then as they grow the headrest is available and attached for use (note this can be removed when you are ready).

    Another positive safety feature on the Tango is the five-point harness. This is probably our biggest must have when it comes to products for my baby. He is at that age where he loves to stand and get out of things at will. The five-point safety harness keep my guy from being an escape artist and me from working. This one is also very simple to use. It has the little snap in clips. So I can one handedly push them in and get him out quickly.

    A few more mentionable features are the adjustable leg rest, big utility basket and cup holder. We use the leg rest in down mode most of the time. I will put it up if he is napping to keep his legs and feet upright. The utility basket is larger than any other stroller we have ever had. I can put my baby bag, purse and toys in it; then still have room for a few small shopping bags along the way.

    The multi-purpose canopy is the coolest things about the Tango. It can be fully opened and positioned anywhere all the way to the arm rest. In the fully closed to arm rest position, there is no view-ability of baby except for the feet. This is great when they are sleeping or for privacy in large group areas. The bottom portion of the canopy can be unzipped and there is a see through, clear plastic opening for you to look in at your little one or them to see out. The top portion of the canopy can be unzipped to reveal a mess screen which is great for allowing fresh air in when without letting all the light in.

    The Zooper Tango is made of tough yet light aluminum stroller frames, which simultaneously takes care of portability and safety. This allows me to still carry one-handed and left into our SUV without stressing my arms or back. Did I mention that it fold up beautifully? Of course it is the long storage that some may not like but I find that it works great if you place on its side in a larger vehicle. It also sets nicely upright in a van or 3 row suv with limited trunk space.

    There are so many reasons to love the Zooper line of strollers including the Tango. Their features are above and beyond many products on the market today.
  • marsha - can't understand all the bad reviewsMy husband brought this pan home a couple months ago from Wal Mart at about $30. (Ours is 12") We love it. Don't need oil, everything we've cooked so far has almost slid out of pan. Clean up is a breeze....just wipe it out, no scrubbing. Since there were so many negative reviews, I thought I'd better add my 2 cents and let people know it really does work. I will be getting one for my daughter who cooks 3 meals a day for a family of 5. Great product