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  • utradar - Apple does it again!I had no doubt this would be anything other than pure digital greatness! I have a multitude of idevices and i also develop and service all idevices... I was a bit sketchy about ordering a device of sorts through a service like Amazon, but then again Ive come to trust Amazon for quite some time now and I was not disappointed. Great product, great service...
  • Martha R. Boland "MartiB" - Abreva works!Have used this before and found best price here (as it can be expensive). I always have a tube on hand to stop cold sores as they as well as oral prescription acyclovir (sp?). Highly recommend - just keep on had always.
  • Tunkabean - Dark, sad beautiful bookI started reading this book w/o having a clue as to what it's genre was or what the story line entailed. I got very confused in the beginning & quite lost, but then I realized...I was supposed to be. Dystopia. Something we don't know off, but the possibilities are so real and the feel of it so intense that it's hard to disconnect oneself from the fiction of it. We are supposed to connect to the characters and get lost in the world the novel depicts, and the author was able to pull me in so well despite every part of my mind wishing not to be. No one would want to be in that world. OUR world... if things went really wrong. The writing style was a very dream like one, with no quotations to separate and differentiate speech. I never even knew that something as simple as dropping conversation into 1 paragraph with simple full-stops could feel so ominous. The story is a sad, sad one... and very real. Just 2 characters ... that will stay with your forever.