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  • taniesha - great case and feeli was soooooo excited to see what this case would be like. at first i ordered one that was totally the opposite of what i wanted so i went out on a limb and order this one hoping it would be the one i was looking for! and yessss it turned out to be it.
    - it has a rubber smooth feeling to it versus the hard see through glass that came before
    i sooo sooo love the texture and a great buy that ships instantly!! soooo love it
  • E. L. - You will not be wasting your money! - UPDATED**Updated January 5th, 2013** - See the latest update at the bottom of the review.

    Before I bought my SodaStream I read all the reviews here and was kind of leery about buying it, but, since most of the bad reviews were simply about the available flavors and how bad they are, I bought the SodaStream any way. (Read the review by doogie_esq. His was the most helpful to me in making my decision.)

    After 5 months of use, I can tell you I did not waste my money. Here is why:

    1. Cost savings. Many of the other reviews state that the cost savings are really not that spectacular. Before I bought the SodaStream I calculated the yearly price based on my former cola consumption patterns and what I thought my SodaStream consumption patterns would be. Unlike many of the reviewers I don't buy 2-liter bottles of Coke, I'm a family of one...they simply go flat before I can drink them. Instead, I buy 24oz bottles at the store or, if I'm at work, the 20oz bottles from the cafe or the vending machine. Bottles are more portable for me and I usually go through 2 of them a day at work.

    Based on my consumption patterns for weekdays alone (not including nights and weekends!), over the course of the first year - including the purchase price of the unit, the exchange costs of the carbonator, and the cost of supplies for the unit (an extra set of bottles and cola syrup) - I will save over $100 vs. the purchase price of the 24oz bottles. The second year, when I have already effectively paid for the unit, that cost savings is over $200. For some this may not seem like a lot of money, but for me this can be the difference between dinner out once a month and always eating in.


    The single best piece of advice I can give you in making your decision whether or not to buy the SodaStream is to simply look at your consumption patterns and how much money your current consumption will cost you in a year. With the SodaStream, a liter will average about $0.88 (based on my calculations, with my local prices) not including the one time purchase prices of the SodaStream unit and any accessories (bottles, etc.).***

    2. Convenience. Many of the reviews here discuss how you no longer have to lug around big boxes of soda, 2-liter bottles, etc. While this is true, it really didn't pertain to me. In my mind, the soda SodaStream is convenient because I can have soda available whenever I want and I no longer have to wait for a sale to buy soda (yes, I am a penny pincher. I only buy soda on sale). Being able to make a liter of cola before I head out the door to work in the morning is fantastic; I won't run out of the soda bottles again.


    One thing I have found out about my habits with the SodaStream is I tend to drink it faster out of the one liter bottle than I did in the 20/24oz bottles. Originally, my solution was to pour the finished 1-liter soda into 2-500mL bottles from a sparkling water that I had in my recycling bin. While this works, it also left the soda a little flat. So I bought the 2-pack of 500mL SodaStream bottles and they work perfectly.

    3. Flavors. No, the SodaStream flavors don't taste like Coke or Pepsi. Why would they? Those are proprietary recipes that are guarded like Fort Knox. Instead, these are (mostly) decent syrup flavourings that are similar, but not exact. I have tried quite a few of the SodaStream flavors and here are my thoughts:
    EXCELLENT: Cola Free, Lemon-Lime
    GOOD: Energy Drink, Diet Cola, Dr. Pete, Diet Pink Grapefruit (This tastes excellent, but smells too grapefruit-y for me)
    OK: Cola (too sweet for me)
    BAD: Diet Dr. Pete, Root Beer, Diet Lemon-Lime

    I also use Torani or Monin syrups with my SodaStream! The Torani root beer flavor is good and I make italian sodas all the time (in a cup, not the SodaStream bottle, and for much less than the $4 cafe price). I also make my own ginger ale. There are plenty of books here on amazon about making home brewed soda flavours that are chock-full of recipes for you to make, often for cheaper than buying the SodaStream syrups! I also make "orangina": pour defrosted/melted orange juice concentrate into the SodaStream bottle after carbonation (never pour the water over the concentrate! It foams like crazy!). About 1/3 of a regular size can of OJ will make a 1-liter bottle.

    4. Taxes. Where I live, there are absolutely outrageous beverage taxes. Soda, juice, tea, water, etc. are all subject to beverage taxes when they are bottled. So much so, that a 12-pack of soda is subject to taxes that can raise the price more than $2.00. A single 20oz bottle of cola, priced at $1.49, with taxes is $1.74. The SodaStream and other flavourings are taxed at the usual 9.5% tax rate, not the beverage rate of 17%. I am saving a considerable amount of money by making my own soda.

    **UPDATE 1**

    After owning the SodaStream for a month, I am very glad that I bought it. During the second week of owning it, I found it a little hard to make the soda before I left for work, but I made a conscious decision to make it a part of my morning routine. In fact, I have left for work without my SodaStream cola only once in the last month and that was because I slept through me alarm. With time, I have also found the best level of carbonation for my tastes and the appropriate level of syrup (slightly less than the line in the cap). And I have also found that really cold water carbonates best. I now keep a pitcher of filter water in my fridge at all times so I can have soda or regular/carbonated water whenever I want. Overall, this was one of the best purchases I have made all year.

    **UPDATE 2**

    With a New Year came new prices. The cost of soda at work was raised by $0.25 over the holiday break. Unfortunately, my carbonator ran out just before I left on vacation for the holidays so I had to pay the new prices for a day when I got back to work, but I quickly got a new carbonator and am back to my saving ways. I have saved so much money over the last five months because of the SodaStream that I have already paid for the cost of the unit from my soda savings. All future savings is just icing on the cake. In fact, my whole family has gotten in on the SodaStream action. My mom and grandma both loved it when they came to visit in November and both went home and bought units. My brother, seeing my mom's unit, asked for (and got) one for Christmas. We all love our SodaStreams.