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  • Venesa Caruso - Fantastic!I love this vacuum! I think you have to be at least a little OCD to spend $400 on a second vacuum for the house. For me, it works great. I followed the directions for care ads instructed and let the unit cool down before I charge it. I clean the filter monthly and I have only great things to say about it. Sure the run time is only 20 minutes and you have to keep your hand on the trigger but we have a decent size house and most of the downstairs is tile so it still gives me plenty of time to clean all of the hard surface and all 3 bathrooms without running out of power. I have yet to run out of power. We keep the floors really clean in our house so it doesn't take much effort to go over it nightly. This I why I bought it. I like to vacuum after we cook dinner because there is always something that ends up on the floor! I tried the high power button but I never really need to use it because it picks up really well without it. Also, others have commented on what a pain it is to empty, but I really don't understand why. Instead of hitting 1 button to release the dirt, it requires 2. This is the 2nd Dyson we have purchased and I could not be happier. Now, I rarely use the bigger vacuum. I do however recommend it for the heavier carpeted areas because it picks up better (but we have very thick carpet). If you really enjoy having a clean house, like I do, than it's worth the money for daily clean up on hard surfaces. However, I still recommend the larger Dyson for carpet. It's a fantastic 2nd vacuum. Also it does an amazing job in the cars, you can't beat it!
  • Mikeinaz - Excellent standard medical referenceParents need to have one of these around as well as senior citizens. I guarantee your health care professional didn't tell you all the information about that drug that you will find in this book. Don't be afraid to get one a couple years old, this information doesn't change a great deal from year to year so you don't need to spend the big bucks for a new one. Ours was a couple decades old so I figured it was time to update.
  • Fanny Parker - Wonderful (and often surprising!) information!This book is a HUGE help when you want fast food but at least want to make a more intelligent and healthy choice. There is invaluable nutrition information included and believe me, you are going to be shocked at the fat and/or salt content in some of your favorite fasties! Every single item is not in this book, but enough to give you a real idea of what is better for you to eat. I am going to buy a couple of the older ones because it's likely that the items I can't find in this version will be in the older ones. I wanted to find out if the tortilla soup at El Pollo Loco was a better choice but it wasn't listed. But anyway, here is an example. The worst appetizer is Outback's Bloomin' Onion, nutritionally speaking. A better and healthier choice would be Shrimp on the Barbie, and that would be fine with me! There are 1,949 calories in the onion and only 295 in the shrimp. See how great it is to know these things?!