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  • Elizabeth Talerman - Best foundation I've ever usedI am so delighted to have started using the Bare Minerals line of products. I've had problem skin most of my life. Any foundation I used created acne flair ups. Then, after coming off of Acutane, I cound't find a foundation that was right for me - Until I started using The Bare Escentuals line of products. My skin has never looked better or more natural. And the built-in sun protection is fantastic.
  • sugi - Orajel Single Does Cold Sore TreatmentsI don't get a lot of cold sores but when I do they are usually very painful and long lasting. I had previously tried Abreva and was terribly disappointed. I saw a commercial for the Orajel treatments and decided to try it. I am so happy I did! The doses where easy to use and my cold sore was almost completely gone by the second day. Within the first 30 seconds of using the treatment my pain was gone and within the same day the cold sore had diminished greatly. The one draw back I noticed was that it was a bit expensive. One package (which contains 2 doses) cost me about $14. However, because I don't get cold sores very often I think $14 once in a while isn't too bad a price to pay. And compared to other cold sore medication the price is actually on the lower end. Overall I was very happy with this product!
  • Patricia Zalak - Worth the MoneyI reviewed several other reviews on this product before I bought it. Many people mention that the sent is very strong and it is, but when you rinse it out after 3 minutes it seems to leave just a very faint sent. I liked it and thought it was a great choice for the summer. I have been using the WEN products now for 2 months and I like what it has done to my hair.
  • C. P. Anderson - Great stuffHuman sexuality is not an easy subject to research. It's just too private to allow for direct observation or to completely trust self-reporting. But what millions of people do in the privacy of their homes late at night on the Internet might shed some light.

    And that's what this book does. It looks at millions and millions of search strings to get a feel for what people really feel and think about sex. It looks at hetero guys, hetero women (with a semantic analysis of romances thrown in), and gay men, coming up with some very interesting findings. There are also excellent chapters on transgression, domination/submission, and much more

    All of the findings are grounded in psychology (especially evolutionary psychology). There are lots of discussions of other studies as well (the bibliography goes to almost 80 pages!).

    Almost forgot ... Excellent writing too. Very informal and easy to read and rather amusing at points.

    I found this book excellent for readers with an open mind. I really am not sure of all the fuss in the 1-star ratings. Perhaps some of these reviewers would like to share some links to some of what they are talking about.