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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

  • Gary P. Tanski "shadoe" - better than expectedLooked a long time for the best value in a heating pad. This one exceeds my expectation. The dark, or soft, side is really soft. The controller is exceptional. It has four lights that mark about every 15 seconds that surround the heat control buttons. In about 1 minute this thing gets hot. You can also choose to have it on a 2 hour timer or a stay on override. Very valuable and missing from a lot of other heating pads. The controller switches are easy to use and have a positive feel. Again, lacking on most other heating pads. If this ever breaks, I'd replace it with the same one. One more thing, the heating increments go from 1 to 6. I usually only use setting 2 or 3. Anything higher gets really hot.
  • Puppydog58 "Sue" - This is WonderfulI have IBS and severe constipation, after using Align, I am feeling much better, I think is medication is WONDERFUL!
  • stephan - For anyone looking for a jobHave many people coming to me looking for a job, with no idea where to start.
    This is great book, easy ready to get it all together. He has up dated it every year
    so buy the latest book gets you current. Good investment, good read. A great book
    to use with the person who is supporting you in the process of looking for a job.
    This book has never failed me in my help with other persons and myself, in looking for a