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  • Snoda - Great, small, bookI am a nursing student and have clinical care plans to do for my patients every single week. I bought this book and it was very helpful. It has much of the info you need to know what a med is for and the contraindications of it. The writing is small but I like that because the book is VERY small. Maybe for someone older that may be a problem but not for me. Overall, very happy with my purchase.
  • S. R. Lane - This book was review bombed by an activist groupI haven't read this book yet, but that's OK because none of the 25 one-star reviews read it either. Note that many have been left in a row a lot of them contain text copy-pasted from a fetal alcohol syndrome group.

    While I haven't actually read the book, I can address their beef: The proof that restrained drinking after the first trimester has no effect on the fetus is overwhelming. Most European countries don't hand out cold-turkey drinking advice to pregnant mothers, so we have a ton of data on this. The primary reason that medical professionals in the US advise no drinking at all is that people with a drinking problem are known to drastically underestimate how much they're drinking. So if you're a pregnant alcoholic and are told that a little bit is all right, you're likely to drink a lot and convince yourself it's a little bit. The guidelines in the US are primarily social engineering targeting that group. That's actually not an unreasonable position for medical advice to take. It's just not *scientific*.

    I knew this when I was pregnant and still didn't drink. It seemed like a good mental exercise.

    Now go read the book. :)
  • anon-e-mous - SECURITY THAT WORKSIf you are on the fence about Norton i hope my review will push you over the fence. I recently downloaded software that i assumed was safe but had every Trojan and Bloodhound virus you can think of. Within 30 minutes Norton blocked 134 cyber attempts to hijack my computer, according to the minute by minute updates i received, these attempts were fast and furious. Don't forget to download their safe web browsing toolbar. I once tried to click on a link emailed to me by my bank and Norton immediately informed me that the site was fraudulent. If you are looking for real time protection...choose Norton.
  • EducatedConsumer - THree Sloth MoonI have experienced first hand the power of the three wolf moon shirt on many occassions.... though there are no wolves on the sleeves. What is a woman hungry man to do?

    Then I was browsing Amazon looking for a solution to my woes, and faster than I could drink Tuscan Whole Milk, I cam across the three Sloth Moon Shirt

    Three Wolf Moon Shirt Parody - Three Sloth Moon Shirt - 100% Cotton Adult T-Shirt Tee

    I bought one immediately and wore it the first day I got it to the mall. The slow, hypnotic glow from each sloths eyes emanated raw power.

    You can say its just a knockoff, but I say - Bring on the sloths. My wife is in for some power tonight.