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  • D. Lantz - Quicken Deluxe 2011My five stars are for Quicken Deluxe 2011 as I use it for tax records. I was alarmed by the many negative reviews for this version of Quicken. But I had to upgrade from my old version when I changed to a computer with Windows 7. I dreaded trying to use the new version. But to my surprise, I like it very much! It's even more intuitive, easier to use, than the previous version. It is not a step back, in my opinion. However, I only use it for taxes. I can't comment on its adequacy for other purposes.
  • Zenmasta1 - Best tablet in the market!!!I consider myself to be a decent geek when it comes to tech stuff. So I have a lot of experience with various tablets. I have to say this tablet is amazing. I won't list the features because you can look that up yourself. But Tegra 3 quad core does make a difference on this thing. Like several others I have also owned majority of the other tablets like the Ipad 2, Samsung 10.1, HP Touchpad, Acer A500 and A200 tablets, Motorola Xoom. All were decent tablets but nothing compared to this gorgeous creature.

    Battery life is amazing, but even better once you purchase the ultra thin keyboard. Both items are perfect when combined. Keyboard not only helps the battery life but makes it easier to navigate and use the tablet like a computer. Only problem is when you have apps that only open in the vertical position then you have to turn the keyboard and tablet to the side or take the tablet off the keyboard. Not a major issue at all but something worth mentioning. No major issues so far. I have had the Prime for over a week now and so far everything works well. I finished a 2 hour movie on my last plane ride and the battery only went down 1%. Games, music and other software work seamlessly without any glitches once you run the updates out of the box. Make sure you charge both the tablet and the keyboard dock for the full 8 hours before you use them. There is a reason why that is the first thing they say in the manual. After that it does not take long to fully charge either device.

    Now as far as the wifi and GPS issue. Wifi works flawless. Just run your updates to Android 4.0 ICS and you will be fine. As far as GPS seriously just keep your wifi on and you can view things like google maps or whatever else you need gps for. I don't understand why people are making such a huge deal on the GPS issue. If you need gps then go buy a smart phone. Do you really plan on holding a 10 inch tablet up while you are driving your car? Seriously move on people. If you really need your location, just check your location settings and you will be fine. Google earth and Google maps work without any issues once you turn your location on.

    All aside I know everyone has their opinion on the matter but I really think they are missing out on the best tablet available to date. By the way I am including the Ipad 2. Yes, in my opinion this blows the ipad away due to the size, features and overall performance. Unless you love boring Apple products and you can't operate an android device, then that is a different story.

    Seriously, pick this Asus Transformer prime up and get the keyboard dock, you won't regret it. For the price, features and overall build quality you can't beat it. It is a really nice device. Plus do you really want to wait until June 2012 for the next model and pay an extra $100 when you can have this one now for less money? Well if GPS is that important then that's another story.
  • user9924 - After 8 months still very happy with the phoneThis is a great phone that has all the storage I need. The camera is excellent, I have some great shots. The Windows Phone OS is very fast and quite smooth - dual core CPU is fine. Since the OS is well written, it doesn't need the CPU horsepower that Android requires. Also, I rarely need to reboot because an app hangs (maybe once ever 4-6 weeks).

    Nokia is constantly updating it own apps and features, I probably would not be as happy if I had a HTC or a Samsung, since they do not support this OS as well as Nokia. Of course it does not have every app ever made, but all the important ones I need are here. I expect more apps over the next few months as the unit sales continue to rise.