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  • Miss Muffet 63 - Easy to useMy husband and I have used HR Block at Home for about 8 years and think it's totally worth the money. The first few years we sat through the whole tutorial and learned the ins and outs of our deductions. This year we buzzed right through and electronically submitted our returns in about an hour and half. Long gone are the days of paying someone too much to do them for us or spending hours and hours looking things up and doing them by hand!
  • Effie Griffin - Lots of good stuff inside this bookOne of the best treatments for Psoriasis was the in housewater softner, Dead sea mineral salt baths (3 x's weekly)Tamanu oil, and tanning. Those three work well for me. took about four weeks but it all healed and I noticed the new little spots dried up within days. But ... and this is critical...your diet has to change!!! Read up on the leaky Gut Syndrom. It has to change drastically while you are having a breakout, and moderately keep your diet clean for life. Your body will love you for it buy dropping some pounds. Other helpful diet things are D3, Cod liver oil, Probiotics, Omega 3, all these will improve your colon health and stop future breakouts. Get to the root of your psoriasis and you will save yourself a lot of money and stop chasing a pill or shot that only takes care of the surface. It your diet don't change you will suffer all of your life. It is tough but your quality of life depends on it. By far the most important thing is to pray and believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and psoriasis will not consume your life, you will find that peace, joy, grace will come through Jesus... Isaiah 53:5 says He was woulded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities. the chastisement needed for our peace and well being was upon Him and with the stripes that wounded Him we are all HEALED and made WHOLE.

    God Bless you and be Healed in Jesus name
  • rdinatale - You just need patienceMost of the 1 star reviews are from may 15th... This was the most anticipated game for PC and Mac... The stress test got over 300k ppl online... I say... just give it a little time! Of course there will be disfunctionalities the day of release considering there was a massive logging in on may 15th! It was obvious that you were going to require internet connection for playing ANY modality of the game... I think in the 21st century it is foolish to think that a game of this kind will not require internet connection... And all of blizzard games require it to play their's like complaining because WoW requires internet connection...

    Also this way there will be no hacking... and believe me! one of the MAJOR problems in diablo 2 were hackers... If you want to hack your game, ok give a 1 star review, If you want to enjoy your game 5 star.

    Today may 16th after the 11pm-3am maintenance there are no more disfunctionalities and the game runs perfectly! Good luck to everyone...

    Awesome game! Strongly recommend you to buy it! 5 star for you blizzard... You did it again :)
  • D-bra - GREAT FOR BAD BREATHAs my husband and I age so does our breath. This is great and long lasting. We just use 1/2 the recommended amount to gargle with as it is a bit pricey. On our last check ups our dentist commented that he thinks it is working..he also likes biotene mouthwash. We have both and combine them.