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  • K. Sue - the facts speak volumes emotionallyThis Eggers book I loved! It did touch me emotionally and make me very angry about what happened to a perfectly nice, normal Muslim man in the aftermath of Katrina. What makes this book outstanding is that it presents the events in a factual way without doing anything to inflame the reader but yet you can't help but become inflamed. He hits the right balance of fact to raw emotion as experienced by Zeitoun's wife and family when they could not figure out what had happened to him.

    As a person who lives in a Muslim community but is not Muslim, I couldn't help cheering the portrayal of Zeitoun as a compassionate, regular person. Muslims aren't strange. They want the same things as anyone does from life. To see that Zeitoun's New Orleans neighbors liked and trusted him and that he felt it his mission from God to check up on his neighbors after the flood in encouraging. Most touching was Zeitoun's concern about the dogs he found in his neighbors' houses and how he went to feed them every day. He even promised the animals that. Knowing that Islam considers dogs to be unclean, this act was most touching.

    The truth of what happened to Zeitoun as an example of the complete break-down of American government is infuriating. Zeitoun was unlawfully held in prison for about a month. However three other friends of his, one fellow Syrian and two white Americans, none of whom had committed any crime, who were also taken prisoner with Zeitoun, spend many months in jail and received no compensation. It's no wonder one went back to live in Syria. What does that say about us as a country that an immigrant prefers to return to a totalitarian government because he knows what to expect there?

    This book even gives us a subtle moral lesson: that we can be more effective if we go about our lives quietly. Zeitoun was a quiet person in his community and effective. But he was able to hear a person who needed rescuing because he was quietly paddling a canoe and not in a loud motor boat.

    Finally, the drawing on the cover of this edition is a piece of art, visually representing so much about the themes of this book. High above the houses, the wires on the telephone pole make a cross, symbolizing the majority Christian make up of the community. Zeitoun in his canoe quietly paddling his canoe is front and center, navigating through America. Hope that's not too bombastic.
  • Jenna - Happy with the pharmaceutical book.Very good book by Ellen Drake. I buy a new one each time the next year comes out. This is one book that was recommended to me along with my regular drug book.
  • Analy - Buy it on your own riskthey send me the wrong one. I the pictures i looks pretty and blue. Not the real one. I try to return the case and the silicon keyboard and they told me they were sorry. That if I wanted they would send a new replacement if I delete my bad review. I agreed to it. After I erase my review telling the poor quality of the items the email me back telling me that they were sorry because they would send the replacement since the did not have the one I wanted. I understand people can make mistakes but when they play with you is totally different. I am still waiting for my refund