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  • Kathy L. Crowell "coffee lover" - Renewed Green ThumbI ordered my Deluxe Aero Garden when it was a "Deal for the Day". It came with the Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, but I don't care much for the herbs. Before my Aero Garden arrived I went to a local kitchen store and bought the Cherry Tomatoes seed kit. I have Prime delivery (2 day free delivery) but it took 10 days to get it as we had bad weather. The end result is that it was worth the wait as I am very happy with the garden. It is now 3 weeks since I "plugged in" my cherry tomatoes and they are 3-4 inches tall. Each day I check the progress of the tomatoes even though it is almost care free and can be left for 2 weeks with no extra care or watering as the Aero Garden does it on its own. When my budget allows I'm planning on buying another one but for growing petunias. Like I stated before, I'm happy with my Aero Garden and I know you will be too!
  • Jay - Don't see the problemI recently received my Prime, and am happy to report that it runs every game(Including Shadowgun) smooth as silk. I faced none of the dreaded crashes after the ICS update. The battery life is great, even running games regularly it lasts for a couple days on a single charge. It truly is the best tablet on the market today. No WiFi issues that i have noticed, it actually gets better signal than my iTouch. Haven't tried the gps function yet, but if i wanted to have help navigating around my house, i would have bought a dedicated device. There were some delays in my order, but i contacted Amazon and they were eager to correct the issue and it (the Prime) was shipped the next day