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  • Melissa Kruger - HeartwarmingMost of the romance books I read end happily but even they do not give you a true ending for each character like Jess Walters does in Beautiful Ruins. He takes you back and forth in time telling you the stories of his characters and while it often feels disjointed, in the end, it all comes together. Walters uses this meandering style to show you that even if you may not feel your life has amounted to much being at peace with your choices is the true meaning of happiness. Not many books seek to do this since it is often difficult and trite but Walters masterfully brings his characters lives to a close making you feel that if your life ended today you could go as peacefully. Overall, a beautifully crafted story with a satisfying ending that makes you comfortable in your own skin.
  • Patsy P. Leach - Alert for those on a protein pump inhibitor for GERD or refluxAn FYI for those taking a protein pump inhibitor for GERD or reflux. Having taken PPIs for quite a long time, I decided to add a probiotic to my regimine on my own. During a routine follow up with my GI doc, and reviewing my reflux/ digestive issues, she recommended that I do a 3 hour breath analysis to get a reading on potential overgrowth of "bad" bacteria before taking the probiotic. Apparently PPIs, by reducing the acid release in the gut, can allow the bad bacteria to proliferate. Probiotics can't fight abnormally high counts of this bad stuff.
    So, stopped the probiotic, took the breath test......huge overgrowth levels were documented. Now on cipro to treat the overgrowth, will then go back to align.....
    I am not a physician, just a proactive advocate for my own medical management. If you are on a PPI you may want to discuss this issue as a potential problem for yourself. I am so glad I found out.
  • scott abrahamson - Kaspersky cleared up all my computer's stdsMy computer is a real alley cat and had several oozing pustular sores that came from "God who knows where" in the back alleys of cyberspace.

    I highly recommend this if your computer has ever had unprotected intercourse on the web.

    This review was written using 100% post consumer recycled electrons. Any deviations in spelling or grammar are not to be construed as errors, but as enhancing it's overall esthetic beauty.
  • Jeremy - BUY THIS INSTEAD OF THE ONLINE VERSION!!! (YOU'RE REALLY GETTING BOTH HERE)What you're really buying here is the CD version AND the online version. And both for less than what you'd pay for the online version itself. There is absolutely no good reason to buy the online version.

    Please do look at current prices though, as prices on Amazon do change on a regular basis.

    Take a look at Wiley's own website for the comparison between the two products in columnar form. The comparison is a bit misleading because it makes it appear as though you're forced to use just the CD version and that if you want access to the additional questions, that you have to download and synch them. While that's one way to do it, their comparison implies that you're forced to do it that way because you bought the CD version, but if you go with the online version that you're going to have an easier time of things. That's simply not the case. They also provide you with an online login that gives you the exact same product as what you'd have if you just went with the online version alone.

    There are sites that offer discounts on the Wiley online version. At present, the price of this Amazon-listed item is even $50 less than the best price I've been able to find on those sites offering those discounts (cheapest price I found was at a very well known website that discusses the CPA exam and even offers its own notes, flash cards, audio and other combos). So even if you know you won't use the CD version, buy this for the $50 to $120 savings, install and register as required then uninstall the program and throw away the CD if you really want to. If you think you might use both versions(like me), then you have that option.

    Both the online version and the CD version are good for one year. If you're getting close to the one year mark, you can download all of the questions to the CD version and then you'll be able to use the CD version beyond the expiration date because with the CD version you're only losing online access and access to the updates, whereas if you go with the online version alone, you're going to lose access to the test bank altogether. A note of caution though; keep in mind that the exam changes and Wiley updates their questions regularly. So while you'll still be able to use the CD version beyond the 1-year mark, those questions will start to get stale after a while. So don't even consider using the 20X3 test bank for the 20X6 exam. You'll want to renew well before then.

    I just used Wiley to pass FAR with a score above 85 and studied about 50 - 60 hours, which is about 100 less than recommended. It's a really great product, but don't expect any sort of teaching tools other than an explanation of why your answer is right or wrong. Through that time, my usage was probably 50/50 through the online and CD versions and I couldn't find any ways in which my online experience was different from what is provided to those that bought the standalone version alone. If someone is aware of a limitation that I did not discover and they provide me with that information, I will be sure to update my review immediately because I really don't want anyone to be mislead. Given that you're paying so much and that the thing only lasts for a year, I just feel that people shouldn't be taken advantage of either.