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  • Jeremy Fuller - Perfect stand for your SelectTech weightsI purchased this stand at the same time I bought the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

    As with any Bowflex product I've experienced, the construction is of very sturdy quality and aesthetically pleasing. The instructions were fairly easy to follow and I had this stand assembled in less than 30 minutes.

    Once the weights are placed on the stand, they feel very solid and I never feel as if they're under any risk of falling off. There's also an extra measure added in the form of a clip strap for those who might be worried they will fall off or if you have small children around them.

    I prefer placing the dumbbells on the stand because they're off the ground which makes them easier to pick up, I'm above average height (6'5"), so bending down to pick up the weights can become a bit of a pain.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this product for owners of the Bowflex SelectTech weights.
  • Dona Catalina "KT" - I have rosacea and...As my mild rosacea developed, I had to abandon any sort of powder or foundation because it would cause my cheeks to redden and burn. My skin tolerates Bare Minerals very well over prescription Metrogel or Finacea, then Clinique's Redness Solutions soother and moisturizer, then BM's Prime Time. The DVD that comes with the Bare Escentuals intro kit is very informative, plus you get the brushes and several minerals more economically. I use a lighter shade of mineral powder with the small brush for concealer (under eyes, sides of nose), then use the kabuki or smaller brush to apply my matching shade. This product line doesn't cause my skin to burn painfully and makes for an improved, more polished appearance, which is all I ask--I stopped requiring miracles of products some time ago. One thing about these products--they aren't very portable as the powder shakes out into the top of the jar. I carry a Physician's Formula mineral compact in my purse and when traveling. This drugstore product works well, but doesn't come in as many shades and isn't as finely milled. P.S. Listen to us. We all wind up spending inordinate amounts of time, money and psychic energy on our looks. It is our culture, but I declare at least one day per week a comfortable, cursory grooming day. We'd all have more time and money and be less stressed. We might even use some of that time and energy to improve our minds and spirits. Who knows what would come of THAT???
  • Amazon Customer - great product, this is fantasticthis is the second leap pad for my daughter, they are so tough, my daughter threw her first pad across the room in temper and it surveyed, and she loves her new pink leap pad,
    I love how well its designed,
    just to let other know my daughter has a disability and at 16 years is stronger than most adult males, so if it can survive her
    temper, their great value.
  • K. Brandt - ditch the loserThis book helped me see men more clearly. Very powerful! Really opened my eyes to the type of loser i was sweating over! I feel so much better about myself after reading this. And i haved stronger aspirations about not only my life but about the men that i will let into it from now on! I deserve so much more than I was allowing myself--I am truly grateful that i purchased this. A must read for all women who have ever been treated poorly by a man--Never again!
  • Katherine Ballew - Gateway 15.6 LaptopWe have only owned the laptop for a few weeks, but so far it appears to be a great computer, especially for the price! Definitely an upgrade if you have not puchased a new computer in the last 4 or 5 years. Has all the bells and whistles necessary for the everday user, probably not suitable for the avid gamer. Obviously you get what you pay for, so don't expect this computer to be anything special, just the bare essentials.