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  • dmentedmedik - Increases Objects SizeThis product is awesome! At first I was skeptical, being it was such a small can, and the fact that I originally heard about it one of those unsolicited emails we all get. After reading the email reviews of the product, I was convinced!!! I had to order a can of it! I told some of my close friends about it, at they laughed at me, telling me that those ads were all lies, that what I was given by genetics is what I got, and was all I was getting... Well Phooey to them, I got the can in the mail last week, as well as a visit from someone at some government agency, he just wanted to make sure I was not illegally possessing Uranium. I filled out some papers, promising not to blow anything up with it, and I was on my way. I wanted to make sure that no one tried to steal it on the way home, so I kept it in the front pocket of my jeans. When I got home, I was still concerned about some evil person trying to steal it away from me, so I decided to carry it my pocket all the time. Now I never did read the directions or the safety warning that was on the outside of the can. If I had, I might not have all the problems that I now have. After a couple of days, I noticed a slight burning sensation in that one place you surely do not want to burn. I checked things out and did not notice anything that appeared to be wrong, so i put things away and went about my days. About a week later, I started to notice that my jeans were fitting a little tight, not in the waist mind you but lower. I thought maybe since it had been some days that maybe i was just relaxed. A few days ago though I noticed that I could no longer get my britches zipped up, as I was having a containment problem. I called my wife into the house to complain about her washing things in hot water again and shrinking my britches. She argued that she did no such thing. Well, I finally got everything packaged and tucked in and went about my business. That night my little lady was feeling a little frisky, and after we were done rolling in the hay, she said some pretty amazing things, after i convinced her I had not supplemented our time with any accessories, that was a little over nine months ago. Yesterday my wife gave birth to a bouncing, glowing baby boy. He weighed in at a little over 27 pounds, and has a warm glow to him. Now I know what you all are thinking, 27pounds, no way, but truly that is what he weighed. At first the doctor thought he had 3 legs, but after the examination, he determined that maybe I should not have carried that Uranium in my pocket, but my sons future wife will be glad I did. So be warned, this stuff works miracles!!!
  • K. Stenroos "nickmarine" - Got this for my son, works greatI got this for my son as well as the wacom intuos4 tablet and it works great. I did a ton of research and it's the software used in many city colleges. This pretty much sold me and my son loves it, tons of features yet simple enough to dive right in and start drawing. I would highly highly recommend getting some type of tablet to draw with as it makes a huge difference. He is still going through the many features and capabilities of the software but so far a big thumbs up.
  • JEAN "J WOMAN" - Great for daughters and dogsThis time I think I've found the solution to all the hair and stair fuzz in my house. I have used this between major clean ups and love it. It gets all the fuzz/hair off hardwood and carpet and all the long hair my daughters and dogs loose. I'm surprised they aren't bald....I have to use a quarter to open the brush mechanism to clean the bristles. I then have to get scissors and cut on the white part of the brush to get the hair unwound. Not sure if anyone else has found a better way?
    I also love this for our cars. It does as good a job as the vac at the car wash only minus the hose. Great for getting in hard to reach areas. I purchased a used vac and have been very pleased with our purchase. I have always used a rainbow vac, but as I'm getting older its harder to lug it and the water around, even though it does a great job, the dyson is comparable.
  • Natural68 - 2nd purchase in and more to go!This is my second time shopping with I am pleased to report that I have received all my orders with no damage and in a timely manner. One package got held up during some confusion with a re-shipped item. They cancelled the package and resent another on the same day. Even though I didn't get the package on the day I expected I was promptly refunded my express shipping and received it a few days later. Customer Service was very kind every time, although, they seem to not be very well informed sometimes. It just took a call back with a different rep. to get the answers I was looking for.

    My first item was a "big ticket" item. Although, the packaging was %85 satisfactory, the product was not damaged in any way.

    This is my second purchase and will not be the last. When I purchased I went directly through Amazon so I can not vouch for other distributers. I am now a proud owner of an HVX200A and some back up batteries and would recommend to others.
  • Terri from MD - Controls The frizzies!I started using Wen after being told by a friend that my hair was making me look old. I color to cover my gray hair it used to be straight before the grays came in but has a lot of frizz. This Wen is perfect for that & leaves the hair shiny and easier to style. I can also go three days before the next cleansing. I now have more complements on my hair. Occasionally I shampoo to make the product last longer and because there is a little coating on the hair to get more body back in the hair.